Three Identical Strangers review: Holy [expletive], can you believe [redacted]?

The trailer for Three Identical Strangers Filmmaker Tim Wardle released it in 2018, but the documentary Three Identical Strangers feels appropriately of its ’80s era. Yes, it has the outfits and the crappy cars, but the film’s first hour in particular has the kind of goofy buddy-movie feel that feels so cozy, you’d swear it was […]

The 5 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Leave No Trace,’ ‘Three Identical Strangers’

This week’s big new releases on disc and demand aren’t traditionally “big” — they’re small movies, summer indie sleeper hits that nicely counterbalanced all the bombast. Plus we’ve got a new film from a rising young director on Netflix, a magnificently aged camp classic on Hulu, and a problematic but influential action movie from Criterion. […]

iPhone front glass leak shows identical notches on 3 models for 2018

As the release of 2018’s iPhone models draws nearer, previously rumored components are beginning to leak into public view, starting with three differently-sized pieces of front glass. The leak on Twitter by Ben Geskin appears to confirm numerous prior rumors of devices with 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.5-inch screens, each notably with roughly t…Read More

Meghan morphing into Kate: Duchess of Sussex ‘almost identical’ in an aspect of her style

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are two very different women who are married into the British Royal Family. While Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a private school girl, Meghan is an actress who grew up in LA. Meghan was loved by fans for her modern and sexy style before she married Harry. But, has […]

‘Three Identical Strangers’ Trailer: Three Brothers Find Each Other (and a Mystery) in This Doc

What if one day you found out you had an identical twin that you’d never known about? That’d be a pretty life-altering experience. But imagine then learning that there’s actually a third sibling in the mix, and you were all separated at birth. That’s exactly what happened to Bobby Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman, […]

eBay: Rare Sir Isaac Newton coin selling for £2,500 – do YOU have an identical one?

Ebay makes finding rare and valuable coins easy, with most rare coin types available from sellers on the platform. While rare coins might look like nothing special to the average person, they are often worth an absolute fortune to collectors. This is the case with a Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin currently listed on eBay […]

The NASA astronaut whose DNA changed after a year in space talks about his underachieving childhood, his identical twin and fellow astronaut brother, and how leaving Earth changes people for the better

Sarah Jacobs/Business Insider Retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly had four missions in space, including a 340-day trip aboard the International Space Station in 2015-2016. On our “Success” podcast, he describes himself as a distracted kid who figured out his life later than his identical twin brother Mark, who also became an astronaut. He shared some […]

NASA sent one identical twin brother to space for a year — and it may have permanently changed about 7% of his DNA

Scott and Mark Kelly are identical twins with two sets of the same DNA. While Scott spent a year in space, his brother Mark stayed on Earth, giving NASA a unique opportunity to see how space flight changes the human body and brain. They’re uncovering some fascinating results: about 7% of Scott Kelly’s DNA may have […]

eBay: £5 note worth £195,000 listed – do YOU have an identical one in your back pocket?

Ebay is an auction website which allows some sellers to flog their valuable coins and notes to collectors.  Some bank notes and coins sell for huge sums after their owners spot crucial details which make them rare. A £5 note is advertised as “very rare” on the posting, listed by seller palaces11_9. The note is […]

BBC weather: Carol Kirkwood and Louise Minchin wear identical dress: 'It's blue Tuesday!'

Carol looked stunning in a high oval neck dress, while presenter Louise opted for a blue collared frock with buttons. Noticing the similarities in style, Louise joked: “It’s blue Tuesday!” Before handing over to Carol. Her co-presenter Dan Walker also picked up on the identical outfits and told Louise: “Your dress is lovely by the […]