Want To Join An ICO? Here’s What You Need To Know

Article was originally published on MintDice. Many cryptocurrency investors are getting their feet wet by opening an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, funding their account, and buying some Bitcoin. Others are branching out and buying other coins to hold alongside Bitcoin. Then you have investors looking for ICOs to purchase coins before they hit the […]

Here’s How ICOs Are Growing Up

Article was originally published at CoinCentral. ICO. Three little letters. A lot of implications (and not all good ones). In fact, a lot of our associations with ICOs these days are negative. Scams, hacks, interesting ideas that don’t make it to the first line of code. The blockchain is responsible for some incredible discoveries, but […]

Securitize launches ‘ICO in a box’ platform

EXCLUSIVE: Companies looking to raise funding through an ICO without having to juggle regulations from the SEC and numerous other regulatory bodies around the world can now conduct simple plug-and-play ICOs. Securitize, a new company spun out of tokenized VC fund Spice VC, is launching a platform Thursday that has a host of know-your-customer (KYC), […]

The ‘reverse ICO’: How existing businesses will start tokenizing

GUEST: The amount of money generated by the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) of blockchain-based companies is astounding. In July alone, ICOs generated $ 500 million of funding, bringing the all-time total to over $ 1.6 billion. That doesn’t even include August, where FileCoin is closing in on $ 200 million by itself. It’s impressive. Yet, […]