Ugandan Women Fight Lazy Husbands With $6 'Sex Tax'

Schoolteacher Annet Nanozi was mad at her husband. A vehicle mechanic, he was refusing to help raise their four children. She realized he was instead spending his paycheck on alcohol and his time sleeping with barmaids. The 34-year-old decided to teach her husband a lesson. Now, when he comes home and wants sex, he needs […]

‘I think it disrespects his wife’: Kellyanne Conway finally reveals how she feels about her husband’s fiery tweets about Trump

Pool/Getty Images President Donald Trump appears to have created an ideological rift between White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway and her husband, attorney George Conway, according to a Washington Post report published Wednesday. George gained notoriety for railing against the president on Twitter. Kellyanne said she’s not a fan of George’s critical views about her […]

How much cheating husbands spend on their mistresses at Christmas revealed

Cheating is prevalent, and the unfaithful don’t take a break from their affairs over the holidays. Men are very generous with their secret lovers, it has been revealed, evidently trusting their spouses don’t check their credit card statements. A survey has found that men spend on average £178 on their mistress. Gleeden, a French extra-marital […]

Women sometimes cheat on their husbands — but not for the reasons you think

Ranta Images / Shutterstock Sociologist Alicia Walker researched why women cheat on their husbands. She found out that the clichés about what women look for in lovers is not necessarily true. Women told her that they often cheat to stay married to husbands they loved, not to leave them. If you ask someone the worst […]

Marie Tillman, widow of Pat Tillman, does not want Trump politicizing her husband’s death

Jeff Gross/Getty Images Marie Tillman, widow of Pat Tillman, has asked for her husband’s death not to be politicized by President Donald Trump, in a statement to CNN. Pat Tillman is a former NFL safety for the Arizona Cardinals who walked away from his NFL contract to join the Army Rangers in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. He […]

Cheating women reveal the REAL reasons why they are unfaithful to husbands and boyfriends

The women told secrets site Whisper why they can’t stop sleeping with men other than their boyfriends and husbands. And the shocking revelations are quite the insight into the female psyche. Some women felt guilty, while others were not at all ashamed of their actions. Others felt they had become addicted to sleeping with people […]