Hodge’s big hurdle

Video Hodge’s big hurdle1:44 AFL: Bob Murphy and Nick Riewoldt talk about Luke Hodge’s impending clash with his old club Hawthorn. May 16th 2018 2 minutes ago /display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Sport news and galleries/AFL/ AFL Ex-Don’s tears over saga2:30 May 16th 2018 2 hours ago /display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Sport news and galleries/AFL/ Injury created opportunity0:54 May 16th 2018 7 hours ago […]

JPMORGAN: Cryptos face a major hurdle even if they become widely accepted as money

Cryptocurrencies don’t stand a chance at usurping national currencies, according to JPMorgan.  That’s because they fail to meet the major criteria of a currency.  Even if they did, the network effect of major currencies is too strong.  You might have heard this before.  Cryptocurrencies are a bad store of value and a bad unit of […]

Will Crows trip at finals hurdle?

IT’S been a long wait since Round 23 but the 2017 AFL finals series kicks off with a blockbuster between Adelaide and GWS on Thursday night. Chris Cavanagh looks at the big questions before the first qualifying final. ANALYSIS: PRESSURE BUILDING ON FLAG FAVOURITE CROWS ADELAIDE Do the Crows really have no weak links? Two-time […]

Mayweather and McGregor both cleared one final crucial hurdle before their big showdown

Christian Petersen/Getty Images Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor met Friday for one final time before their Saturday night fight for an official weigh-in. While boxing weigh-ins are normally relatively uneventful, these two fighters’ penchant for trash-talking led to some sparks in their last public event before the bell rings. The fight is set for 154 pounds, and both men […]

Tech billionaires want to give their money away to change the world — but they face a hurdle many people don’t even understand

Getty Images A new crop of billionaires is emerging, and estimates suggest they will put a combined $ 20 trillion toward philanthropic endeavors in the next half century. If these newcomer philanthropists want to ensure that their dollars do the most good possible, they will first have to grapple seriously with the issue of confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is […]

Inflatable space habitat passes first hurdle, now onto radiation testing

NASA It has now been a year since NASA successfully expanded a habitat attached to the International Space Station, the experimental Bigelow Expandable Activity Module. Initial tests on the module suggest that expandable habitats may play an important role as NASA considers how best to expand human activity into deep space. During the first year, […]

Firebirds’ Giant finals hurdle

Caitlyn Nevins looks for an option. Picture: Mark Calleja Greg DavisThe Courier-Mail Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Reddit Email a friend WING attack Caitlyn Nevins says the Firebirds refuse to be intimidated by the daunting scenario to stay in the hunt for Suncorp Super Netball finals. The Firebirds […]

It looks like ‘Trumpcare’ could clear its first major hurdle today

Thursday’s the day. The House is finally set to vote on the American Health Care Act, the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, after nearly two months of stalled attempts at passage. The House Rules Committee cleared the AHCA late Wednesday after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters that the bill would be brought to the floor, setting up […]