ITV GMB: ‘Appalling!’ Adil Ray loses it as guest admits she gets ‘adrenaline rush’ hunting

New Zealander Sammi Lee has received death threats for hunting animals such as wild pigs, deer and ducks and posting pictures of herself with her kills online. Today she was on Good Morning Britain to discuss why she hunts, telling hosts Adil and Kate Garraway that she got an “adrenaline rush” from hunting. She told […]

Fortnite Hidden Loading screen Hunting Party secret banner revealed for Week 6, Season 6

Fortnite fans can pick up hidden Battle Stars and banners by unlocking secret loading screens. Fans can unlock these hidden loading screens by completing all seven challenges from any given week. Three of these Fortnite challenges are available for free, while the other four are exclusive to Battle Pass users. The challenges are also separated into […]

Russian ban on blood-chilling ‘contact baiting’ of hunting dogs comes into force

Following heated discussion and a conflict between the upper and lower chambers of parliament, Russia has eventually introduced the law banning ‘live baiting’ – the training of hunting dogs using live captured wild animals. The changes were announced on Tuesday on the Russian State Duma’s website. The bill was passed by the State Duma in […]

Hunting kids of Instagram: Outrage over children posing with their kills

In the wake of the outrage over a woman posing with a slain giraffe, a number of hunting enthusiasts are posting images of children posing with their kills, sparking further furor. Tess Thompson Talley from Kentucky inspired a deluge of anger when photos of her posing with a rare black giraffe she had just killed […]

Hunting El Chapo: How ex-DEA agent took down world’s most wanted drug lord

PH/TIM CLARKE After three years tracking El Chapo, special agent Andrew Hogan got him But they say the eyes are a window on the soul and when I meet his gaze as we shake hands I can tell at once that this is someone who has confronted far bigger challenges than shifting an unlovely semi […]

Conor McGregor attacks UFC 223 fighters' bus hunting for Khabib Nurmagomedov (VIDEO)

Conor McGregor’s arrival in Brooklyn, New York, where UFC 223 is scheduled to take place this Saturday, promises to leave an enduring image, after he attacked the fighters’ bus, apparently hunting for Khabib Nurmagomedov. The incident occurred right after the media day for UFC 223 at the Barclays Center, when the fighters were leaving the […]

AI Weekly: AI is hunting the world’s deadliest killer

Earlier this week Google and Verily Life Sciences shared the latest advance in computer vision to identify signs of heart disease. With an accuracy of 70 percent, early results from the AI trained on retinal scan images from more than 200,000 patients is as precise as methods that require blood tests for cholesterol, said Google Brain product […]

Hunting for the ancient lost farms of North America

Enlarge / At Ash Cave in Ohio, archaeologists discovered an enormous cache of seeds from lost crops, including domesticated native goosefoot (similar to quinoa). These seeds were so far from their wild habitats that they had clearly been domesticated. (credit: Natalie Mueller) Adventurers and archaeologists have spent centuries searching for lost cities in the Americas. […]

This ex-NSA hacker is hunting white supremacists and hate groups lurking on Twitter

In 2016, researchers found more than 900 hate groups operating in the US, with over 100 of them having a presence on Twitter. Twitter has declared a ban on them and last month the purge began. But Twitter also got heat for doing it wrong when it banned a satire site. Ex-NSA analyst Emily Crose has been […]

Hunting for the reason why the Western US has so darn many odd volcanoes

Enlarge / The eruptions being studied are marked in pink, with the white numbers showing the age of each eruption in millions of years. (credit: Zhou et al/Nature Geoscience) The weird thing about volcanic activity in the Western United States is that it’s actually quite difficult to explain. The Cascade volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest […]