Monster Hunter World UPDATE: MHW’s Lunastra unleashed on PS4 and Xbox One

A big new challenge has been added to Monster Hunter World today, for fans on PS4 and Xbox One. A new beast has been unleashed on all platforms, providing another Elder Dragon to face off again in teams. Lunastra, the Empress of Flame has come to reclaim her throne in Monster Hunter World and is […]

Slice And Slash To Solve Combat Puzzles In Ori Hunter

Crafted for Ludum 41, Ori Hunter is a small but clever puzzler, where you must manage limited slices to annihilate rooms of demons as a futuristic ninja. As the high-tech sword-wielder, you must clear each screen in five slashes, with the last blade-tipped dash leaving you at the level’s exit elevator. These challenges start out […]

Space hunter: Scientists pin alien exoplanet hopes to NASA’s latest sky scanner (VIDEO)

Mankind’s hunt for alien life and potentially habitable planets continues Monday, when a new rocket will push through the Earth’s atmosphere carrying precious NASA cargo. Instead of the regular care packages usually sent to NASA astronauts on the International Space Station, SpaceX hopes to fire an exoplanet satellite known as TESS into the great expanse. […]

EastEnders spoilers: Hunter Owen’s next victim REVEALED? It’s bad news for one resident…

EastEnders newcomer Hunter (played by Charlie Winter) has been causing mischief on the BBC soap since he joined earlier this year.  He has managed to seduce Louise (Tilly Keeper) who is clearly head over heels for him. However, she has been keeping their relationship a secret, not wanting to put any pressure on it. But […]

EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell in trouble as underage sex plot with Hunter exposed

Sharon Mitchell (played by Letitia Dean) has already forced Phil (Steve McFadden) to delete E20’s CCTV recording that incriminated 16-year-old Louise (Tilly Keeper) for sleeping with an underage boy, Hunter (Charlie Winter) being 15. But in a shock EastEnders twist, new footage of the pair looks set to be unveiled in an even more public […]

EastEnders spoilers: Hunter Owen in danger as Phil Mitchell rages after sex video scandal

Friday’s episode of EastEnders saw Phil (played by Steve McFadden) fly into a rage after CCTV footage of Hunter (Charlie Winter) sleeping with Louise (Tilly Keeper) was sent to his mobile phone. Hunter had persuaded Phil to get security footage of the E20 streamed to his phone so he could monitor the club remotely. As […]

EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell sleeps with Hunter Owen but there's a BIG twist

The EastEnders pair grew up together as children, but in new spoiler photographs, the Walford duo seem to be getting even closer. On the day of Mel Owen’s (played by Tamzin Outhwaite) club opening, a new form of tension arises after Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) tells Sharon (Letitia Dean) that he won’t be attending. Hunter […]

Monster Hunter World review: Game of the Year contender hits PS4, Xbox One

Monster Hunter World may have been out for a while on PS4 and Xbox One, but it’s such a beast of a game that players are only just scratching the surface. Capcom delivered its first post-release monster update earlier this week, adding the mighty Deviljho alongside a brand new mission and items. There’s also the imminent […]

Monster Hunter World Deviljho guide: How to beat ferocious beast on PS4, Xbox One

Monster Hunter World developer Capcom recently released update 2.0, which added the fearsome Deviljho to the game. Available on PS4 and Xbox One, the mighty Deviljho invades 6-star quests, 7-star quests and high rank expeditions – but only after you’ve completed the investigation for the “??? Rathian” in the main story. Deviljho can be found all […]