Graveyard Keeper Adds a Darkly Humorous Twist To The Village Simulator Genre

At a glance, you might confuse Graveyard Keeper with similar games like Stardew Valley and others. That’s part of the game’s charm though; in many ways, Graveyard Keeper relies on the familiarity with the elements of those games to makes its morbid twist of said elements work. Because in this simulator/RPG, you aren’t lovingly tending […]

‘To Dust’ Review: A Uniquely Humorous Hasidic Jewish Story of Death and Life [Tribeca]

Death makes fools of us all because it exposes the limitations of human knowledge. We may have strong beliefs about what happens after our final breath, but none among us truly knows what happens. That uncertainty can gnaw away at those left behind with little more than the memory and the body of the recently […]

The Pilgrimage Is A Humorous Text Adventure Across A Fiery Far-Future Earth

The text adventure has been quietly thriving for years, most notably through IFComp and Twine but also in fascinating titles like Counterfeit Monkey, Hadean Lands, or the recent illustrated re-release of Anchorhead. The Pilgrimage, currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, looks to be another promising addition to the genre, promising a sarcastically-toned journey through the places […]

Humorous Paintings of a Lonely Astronaut Making Contact with Iconic Food Franchises

Scott Listfield made a name for himself painting a lonely astronaut wandering across our corporate-littered landscape where pop culture often takes precedence over politics, and the brand logo is worshiped like a religious icon. His imagery also plays on science fiction tropes with a twist of humor. In his series Franchise, currently on view at […]

Tesco chairman’s ‘humorous’ remark calling white men ‘endangered species’ backfires

Published time: 12 Mar, 2017 02:43 John Allan, chairman of the UK’s biggest retailer Tesco, has been forced to clarify his remarks after claiming that white men now have to work harder than minorities and women to earn a place in the boardroom. READ MORE: ‘Rights for whites’: Fascist slogans & swastika found in Exeter […]