‘The Predator’ Finds Humor in Alien Mayhem [TIFF]

Who knew Predators could be so funny? Shane Black‘s The Predator takes the Predator franchise and turns into a full-blown comedy. Sure, there’s action and sci-fi mayhem. But humor is the most constant factor here. And it doesn’t always work. While there have been a handful of amusing moments in the Predator franchise as a whole, no single […]

Docu-comedy Poop Talk flushes stigma with full hour of well-formed humor

 Poop Talk, loaded with renowned comedians. (credit: Copyright 2017 Comedy Dynamics and Party of Seven Entertainment) For some, a 75-minute film of famous and talented comedians letting rip a steady stream of explicit jokes and messy misadventures involving fecal matter is an easy sell. Sign me up. For others, some pushing and straining may be […]

Friend or Food? Dark Humor & Strategy Is The Recipe To Tooth And Tail

In newly-released RTS Tooth And Tail, your victories will decide who will become the next menu item. The normally-peaceful animal kingdom has turned to meat for food due to dwindling crop numbers, but the commodity doesn’t come easily (as no one wants to volunteer to be the meal), leading to an all-out civil war between […]

Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game: Dead Serious Puzzling, Wacky Sense Of Humor

Few games out there dare to ask the really important questions, such as “why is that weird chicken talking in rhymes?”, “what’s up with all the cheese lying around?”, and “did I really just blow up a planet?” Thankfully, Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game, a 3D puzzle platformer which can also be enjoyed in VR, is […]

Woody Harrelson Hypes ‘Han Solo’ Movie’s Humor, Plus The Timing Of Lord & Miller’s Firing Explained

We knew all about the clashing of approaches between producer Kathleen Kennedy and original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller regarding Lucasfilm’s Han Solo spin-off film, but ever since Ron Howard took over the director’s chair, we’ve been wondering a lot about the film’s tone. Now, thanks to a new interview with one of its stars, we’ve […]

People fall off a ‘humor cliff’ when they start working — and it impacts your career more than you’d think

NBCUniversal Television Distribution You are not funny. I don’t mean “you” in the generic sense, but literally you personally, because you’re a businessperson. I, however, am funny. In fact, I’m so funny, I get paid for it. Not as well as you do for your businessing, but really well considering what I do is way […]

‘Fate of the Furious’ Director’s Cut Has More Action, Humor, and Dominic Torretto

The director’s cut of The Fate of the Furious is 13 minutes longer. This franchise has a more-is-more attitude, which generally works in its favor, so even more of Dom and the family probably sounds all right for fans of the series. Director F. Gary Gray says his cut has more action and humor, but also punches […]