HTGAWM Fall Finale Recap: Who Died at the Wedding? And Who Is Gabriel?

The following recap contains spoilers for How to Get Away With Murder‘s Season 5 fall finale. (Need to catch up? Read our previous recap here.) Worst. Wedding. Ever. How to Get Away With Murder‘s Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton have waited a long time to get hitched; they’ve dealt with meddlesome parents, faced an HIV diagnosis […]

Quotes of the Week: Arrow, HTGAWM, Riverdale, Single Parents and More

With only a few hours left until the People’s Choice Awards air on E!, we’d like to hand out some accolades of our own. (But we’re skipping the nominees and going straight to the winners, because rules were made to be broken.) This time around, our Quotes of the Week gallery includes Riverdale‘s time warp, Maggie’s […]

HTGAWM Recap: Annalise's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Week

Need to catch up? Read our previous How to Get Away With Murder recap here. The fall finale of How to Get Away With Murder is fast approaching, which means we’re only seven days away from getting some long-awaited Season 5 answers. But don’t let the ABC drama fool you into thinking you’ll get closure […]

HTGAWM Recap: Sister From Another Mystery — Plus: Who Got Killed Off?

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. Well, those words may have applied to a couple of White Christmas characters — but for How to Get Away With Murder‘s Bonnie and her sister, Julie? They couldn’t be further from the truth. On Thursday’s episode of the ABC drama, Bonnie paid her estranged sibling a […]

HTGAWM Recap: Father Figures

Need to catch up? Read our previous How to Get Away With Murder recap here. There’s a whole slew of How to Get Away With Murder characters who are weighed down with daddy issues. Asher? Yep. Laurel? For sure. Bonnie? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. But on Thursday’s episode of the ABC drama, it was Nate’s […]

HTGAWM Recap: All in the Family

Need to catch up? Read our previous How to Get Away With Murder recap here. In the second installment of its fifth season, How to Get Away With Murder really lived up to its title. In fact, at least three of Thursday’s plotlines involved characters who were trying to get away with ending someone else’s life. The case of […]

Quotes of the Week: Last Man Standing, Manifest, HTGAWM, Gifted and More

Fall TV Premiere Week has come and gone, bringing with it no less than 40 (!) debuts for new and returning series. To that end, our latest Quotes of the Week gallery is filled to the brim with bon mots and one-liners from your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) shows. This time around, we’ve got an […]

HTGAWM Season 5 Premiere Recap: A Little Party Went and Killed Somebody

Class is officially back in session for Middleton University’s law students. And the start of a new school year means another grisly incident is right around the corner — at least, that’s how it works on How to Get Away With Murder. Murder returned for its fifth season on Thursday night, and you wouldn’t be blamed for […]

HTGAWM Season 4 Finale Recap: Mama, Didn't Mean to Make You Cry

How to Get Away With Murder‘s fourth season came to a close Thursday night in much the same way its previous three seasons have ended: with a lot of questions answered, then waaayyy more of them introduced. Among the answers we did get over the course of this hour: the identity of the victim from […]

HTGAWM Recap: Full Court Miracle — Grade Part 2 of the Scandal Crossover

When Annalise Keating first approached Olivia Pope in that university lecture hall, she was doing so to get help with her class-action lawsuit — and if you glimpsed the title of Thursday’s How to Get Away With Murder episode, “Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” then you already knew that Annalise and Olivia succeeded in getting […]