Smart Home Stats and Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

In today’s fast paced world, everything is about convenience, saving time and saving money. Smart homes are on the rise as technology allows us to do everything in our home with a mere touch of a button. You may not even realize that your home is currently equipped to become a smart home, but it […]

FCC vote could force low-income households offline

Bootstrapping yourself out of poverty via the internet is about to get a lot harder in the US. The FCC, led by industry-friendly chairman Ajit Pai, has voted along party lines to reform the low-income Lifeline broadband subsidy program. Among the most contentious items are a proposal to tighten eligibility requirements and cap spending, and […]

Asian households binge on debt

ONE of the more persistent beliefs about the global economy is that Asians are more frugal than others. Explanations have drawn on culture (the self-discipline of Confucianism), history (memories of privation) and public policy (flimsy social safety-nets forcing people to save). For Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, and other theorists of “Asian […]

The Book Of Hints And Wrinkles: Advice on offer to households of the 1930s

GETTY – STOCK IMAGE The book contains advice on everything The ability to run our house and our daily life smoothly, economically and with the minimum of worry and fuss is of fundamental importance if we wish to achieve a happy and contented existence. So begins the Introduction to The Book Of Hints And Wrinkles, […]

Martin Lewis WARNS not to ignore letter sent to all UK households – or risk £1000 FINE

Speaking on This Morning, Martin urged viewers not to ignore it, and said: “As part of the Electoral Commission’s Annual Canvas, every UK household is sent a Household Enquiry Form from their local council to check that the electoral roll is correct and the right people are registered to vote (it won’t register you if […]

83 households refuse to evacuate from Chalcots flats due to ‘fire hazard’

Published time: 24 Jun, 2017 13:19 Edited time: 24 Jun, 2017 13:23 Scores of people have refused to be evacuated from a north-west London apartment complex identified as a fire hazard, despite the insistence of emergency services that the safety of residents cannot be guaranteed. Camden Council took the decision to evacuate 650 households from […]

Dutch households to trial using data servers to heat hot water for free

Published time: 3 Jun, 2017 16:42 Dutch company ‘Nerdalize’ is launching a pilot scheme that uses the energy from computer servers to heat water, allowing citizens to take showers for free as part of a wider plan to distribute free ‘server heat’ to everyone in the Netherlands. The innovative start-up is hoping to capitalize on […]

Most American households have abandoned their landlines

A US Health Department study has confirmed that most US citizens have completely stopped using landline phones — shocking no-one. In a report released today, the government revealed that 50.8 percent of American households are now cellphone-only, with just 39.4 percent using both a mobile and a landline. That leaves a measly 6.5 percent of […]

Ro Khanna Wants to Give Working-Class Households $1 Trillion

Ro Khanna has a $ 1 trillion plan to fatten Americans’ wallets. The newly elected member of Congress, who represents Silicon Valley, has become a loud progressive voice on the Hill during his brief tenure there. The way he sees it, Democrats have failed by not offering families a radical plan to end wage stagnation […]

New York City sues Verizon for failing to provide fiber broadband to all households

The city of New York is suing Verizon for the carrier’s failure to provide fiber internet to almost a million of its residents. The company signed a contract in 2008 to make its high-speed Fios broadband available to every household in the city — estimated at some 3.1 million residences — but so far has […]