Buy-To-Let Landlords Hit With New Energy Efficiency Rules

There are now a record 2.5 million buy-to-let investors in the UK, according to Ludlowthompson. In just one year, the number of buy-to-let investors in the country has grown by 5%, which proves that the market is strong. But, this April, the British government implemented tougher new rules regarding energy efficiency which will see buy-to-let landlords potentially facing […]

The Most Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Those interested in interior design might think they’ve got it covered — they know their style, can recognize pieces they like, and feel like their space is pretty decent. However, our Décor Aid‘s interior designers have noticed a trend of overlapping mistakes throughout these homes, and have provided some advice to remedy them. See if […]

Smart Home Stats and Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

In today’s fast paced world, everything is about convenience, saving time and saving money. Smart homes are on the rise as technology allows us to do everything in our home with a mere touch of a button. You may not even realize that your home is currently equipped to become a smart home, but it […]

Superbug MRSA warning: Deadly bacteria ‘breeding ground’ found on common household item

MRSA bacteria infection can lead to painful skin boils and food poisoning. But, the deadly superbug has been spotted on this common household item, along with a number of other types of bacteria, including listeria. It’s a “breeding ground” for killer superbugs, warn scientists.

13 brilliant ways to fix your iPhone or Mac with common household items (AAPL)

Sugru Usually, when something goes wrong with your iPhone or Mac, the first move is to an Apple Store to get it looked at by a professional. But the Apple store can be expensive for repairs, and minor problems can often be solved at home with stuff you already have lying around. Over the past […]

Household gadgets set to go plug free

The devices called metaboards can also be used on smartphones, computers, kettles, toasters and televisions through a single unit on a table, desk or wall. And the revolutionary technology could also be used in hospitals and charge electric cars and drones. Metaboards relies on the rearrangement of atoms into new patterns to power devices remotely. […]

Sleep – the trick you can do with a household item to help you fall asleep in a heatwave

The body needs enough sleep to help it function properly, according to the NHS. Not getting enough sleep is bad for your mental and physical health. Regular poor sleep increases your risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. If you’re struggling to fall asleep in the hot temperatures, you could do this quick trick to help you sleep faster. Swap your duvet and sheets […]

Why Cautious Canadians Are Piling on Massive Household Debt

The property at 1005 East 22nd Ave. in Vancouver, British Columbia, looks like a nice little starter home — a one-story, two-bedroom, one-bath, 878-square-foot bungalow painted subtle pastel colors. In the yard is a garden with raised beds; downtown is a 10-minute drive. The listing describes the house as move-in ready but perfect for someone […]