The company behind one of the biggest video games in the world was just slammed with a lawsuit alleging its ‘bro-culture’ created a sexist workplace where women were rated on their ‘hotness,’ told that ‘no doesn’t necessarily mean no,’ and shown unsolicited photos of male genitalia

Riot Games The “League of Legends” developer Riot Games is facing a class-action lawsuit claiming the company harbored a sexist work environment with women suffering from unequal pay and regular harassment. Reports detailing the company’s “bro culture” surfaced in August, leading Riot to issue an apology to current and past employees. The two women who […]

Wait—the “hotness” chili was about attractiveness?

Enlarge / So long, red chili pepper of hotness. This week, Buzzfeed reported that was dropping its “hotness” rating for professors after an outcry from female professors who said that the rating was sexist. RateMyProfessors was right to do so; professorial competence and perceived attractiveness have nothing to do with one another. The rating […]