Florida homeowners got a surprise when 4 kittens fell out of their attic after the roof collapsed during Hurricane Michael

ABC News Thursday morning, ABC News’ Rob Marciano showed off four kittens that were rescued after Hurricane Michael hit Panama City, Florida. Marciano said he spoke with a family who rode out the storm. When the storm caused their roof to collapse, the four kittens dropped from the ceiling into their kitchen. The reporter has […]

Martin Lewis urges homeowners to do this NOW to avoid energy bill price hikes

Martin Lewis said the big energy firms are increasing prices once again (Image: getty) So let me be plain NOW IS THE TIME to switch before winter, every week’s delay risks you paying more.  And if you’re on a standard tariff (ie the hideously expensive one most people are on) then as with typical bills […]

Security expert reveals homeowners must do this to protect their property from burglars

Homeowners must think like a burglar if they really want to protect their home – and this means going through a series of steps to cover every angle. Security expert Don Aviv president of Interfor International, a New York-based consulting firm, made the comments during an interview with CNBC. He advised: “If you harden your […]

Martin Lewis issues mortgage WARNING and urges homeowners to check their rates NOW

If you have a mortgage, you should check urgently if you can slice the rate down – you may gain £1,000s right now.   Less than a year ago the very cheapest two year fix was under one per cent, the similar cheapest deal is now around 1.35 per cent, and five year deals are […]

Californian, Hawaiian homeowners charging ahead on residential batteries

(credit: sonnen) A new report from GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association (ESA) says that US homeowners added 36 megawatt-hours (MWh) worth of batteries to their residences in the first quarter of 2018. That’s more than the previous three quarters combined. The gains were driven by local and state policies that actually reduced the […]

Property house prices: UK housing stock at 'record low' as homeowners delay for Brexit

The property market has seen house prices in the UK in April experience slower growth compared to March as Brexit looms. The latest report, which takes into account the UK housing market in 2018, has seen growth dwindle as estate agents report a fall in homeowners buying and selling their properties. The report contains an […]

A Provision Hidden in the Banking Bill Could Hurt Black Homeowners

Imagine two families in Mobile, Alabama, trying to buy a home. The households are similar in many ways. They have roughly the same income and employment history. They are seeking to buy similar three-bedroom ranches in comparable, quiet neighborhoods. They both want a loan from the same local bank, and both want to put down […]

Rich homeowners in blue states are among the biggest losers in the GOP tax bill

Scott Olson/Getty The GOP’s tax bill is set to disproportionately affect homeowners in affluent parts of the US. Wealthier households are more likely to take advantage of key tax breaks that are set to be downsized, including the mortgage interest deduction and the state and local tax, or SALT, deduction. Many states that would be […]

Home prices in Canada are falling, and some homeowners could be in serious trouble

Flickr / Sue Richards With Canada’s home prices no longer guaranteed to soar, and with debt at record levels and growing, households are exposed to higher rates.  The Bank of Canada has raised rates twice this year by a quarter point each time.  But even these tiny baby steps push up mortgage costs for Canadian […]