GE’s latest smart lighting includes Alexa and HomeKit options

Creating a smart home can be a complicated affair, with a ton of options available to add voice-control and automation to your lights, window coverings, thermostats and more. GE wants to simplify your options (with its own branded products, of course), and its bringing some new smart ceiling fixtures, wall switches, and lamps to market […]

Invoxia’s new Triby smart speaker works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa

Several years ago, France’s Invoxia introduced what seemed like a novel product: a little smart speaker called Triby that was one of the first third-party devices to have Amazon’s Alexa baked in. But the world of tech gadgets moves fast. And while having a voice-activated device in the home was unusual in 2015, now Invoxia faces […]

Apple brings mulitroom speaker support to HomeKit with AirPlay 2

Apple’s HomeKit has provided iPhone and iPad users with a simple platform to connect multiple smart home devices, but it’s shied away from one of the most important gadgets: speakers. While we’re yet to see whether the rumored Siri speaker is real, the company announced today that it’s expanding its smart home hub to support […]

Logitech’s customizable Pop buttons can now be connected to Apple’s HomeKit

The wonder of smart homes is being able to connect and automate all your devices, but it’s still important to have physical switches that can turn things on and off as you come and go throughout your house. Logitech’s Pop buttons were introduced last year as one way to do that, and today they’re getting […]