AUDIO emerges of conversation between Seattle hijacker & air traffic controller

An audio emerged online of a conversation between a man who hijacked a plane from the Seattle Airport and an air-traffic controller. On the clip the hijacker talks about running low on fuel and asks if he’ll get life in jail. The conversation between the man, addressed as Rich/Richard, and the air-traffic controller right before […]

DB Cooper plane mystery solved? Sensational claims from new book reveals hijacker identity

DB Cooper was the name given by the FBI to the mystery man behind the famous plane hijacking in 1971. His identity appears to have remained a mystery until now, with a new book stating it has revealed the culprit of the event 46 years ago. The man is thought to be Walter R Reca, […]

Mounting a car, smashing rear window: Russian cop detains hijacker (VIDEO)

A Russian policeman was filmed mounting a hijacked car, and smashing in its rear window to gain access, in dashcam footage that resembles a blockbuster car chase. The driver of the vehicle was pulled over by Lieutenant Maxim Mamaev in a town in Western Siberia for reportedly driving under the influence. When officer Mamaev made […]

DB Cooper: Is 45-year-old plane hijacker case world's biggest unsolved MYSTERY?

There have been several aviation incidents that have baffled investigators since air travel was borne. The case of DB Cooper might just be the most mysterious of them all.  Laying open for an astounding 45 years, the plane hijacking case, and the whereabouts of its perpetrator, have never been solved.  DB or Dan Cooper is […]