Harnessed horse belonging to a ‘a high-ranking military officer’ unearthed in ancient stable near Pompeii

Salvatore Laporta/AP Images Archaeologists discovered the remains of a harnessed horse in a Pompeii suburb. The horse was located in a villa that archaeologists believe may have been owned by a high-ranking military official. Pompeii and its surroundings were destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. ROME (AP) — Archaeologists have unearthed the petrified […]

Report links high-ranking 76ers executive to Twitter accounts that criticized Joel Embiid, other executives, and appeared to leak player medical info

Matt Rourke/AP A bombshell report by Ben Detrick of The Ringer has linked Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo to five anonymous Twitter accounts. The accounts were critical of 76ers players, including Joel Embiid, other NBA executives, including former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie and current Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri, and seemingly leaked […]

A high-ranking Russian politician is comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

A leading Russian politcian is comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Alexander Sherin’s comments came after the US-led launch of missile strikes on Syria on Friday night. Russia has had military presence in Syria since 2015 and has warned there will be ‘consequences’ of the attacks.   A high-ranking Russian politician has compared US president […]

High-ranking State Dept. official sacked after saying Tillerson was fired in a tweet

State Department Under Secretary Steve Goldstein was fired after he said his boss, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, was surprised by President Donald Trump’s decision to oust him. He will be replaced by Heather Nauert. Goldstein, who took the job on December 4, was fired on Tuesday, shortly after he issued a statement suggesting […]

Tarnished brass: 5 high-ranking US officers discharged over scandals

A US Air Force lieutenant-colonel has been removed from service on charges of fraternization and negligence, making him the latest high-ranking officer in the US armed forces to be demoted or dishonorably discharged over scandalous or criminal behavior. 1. Denis Paquette Lieutenant-Colonel Denis Paquette was commanding officer of the 722nd Expeditionary Air Base Squadron at […]

White House releases financial disclosures on Bannon & Kushner among 180 high-ranking officials

The White House has released financial disclosure documents from 180 officials, showing President Donald Trump’s administration staffers raked in millions of dollars last year STEVE BANNON White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s financial disclosure report shows he earned between $ 1.3 and $ 2.3 million last year, according to the New York Times. Much of […]