Why Samu was forced to hide during haka

EFFORTS to get Peter Samu talking are yet to reap rewards but that hasn’t stopped the exciting talent from acclimatising to life as a Wallaby. The loose forward earned his first Test start in Saturday’s defeat of South Africa, coming from outside the 23-man squad as a late replacement for David Pocock (neck). It capped […]

No hard feelings: Clergy visit prompts Russian fine arts school to hide statues’ naughty parts

A fine arts school in Russia’s Siberia has been criticized online after deciding to hastily cover up its nude antique sculptures – all because they thought it might upset visiting Orthodox Christian priests. The unusual take on artistic nudity occurred in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk on Thursday. Photos and a video from the State […]

Google Maps Street View: You won’t believe what this man is doing to hide from the camera

Google Maps street view cameras capture scenes from all around the world. Since the platform was established in 2007, many people have also been caught up in the footage. One gentleman was particularly keen to hide from the cameras, choosing an unusual method to hide. The Google Maps scene was taken in Toronto, Ontario, and […]

‘He is my son forever’: Papa Mourinho & Kid Drogba don’t hide their feelings on air (VIDEO)

Ivorian legend Didier Drogba, on air with RT in Moscow, waved to his former boss and RT expert Jose Mourinho, thousands of miles away in Manchester, with the words “Bonjour, Papa!” Mourinho repaid him with a heartfelt tribute. “Papa is papa forever, and son is son forever too,” said Mourinho, when told of his former […]

How to spot bedbugs in YOUR hotel – and where they are most likely to hide

Bed bugs are one of the worst things to come across when on holiday. The creatures can hide in fabric and materials without being spotted, meaning they are easily transported around. With a high volume of people staying in the same room, they often thrive in hotels. Holidaymakers can perform a number of checks to […]

Google Maps: Giant mouth said to HIDE ‘black hole’ into ground spotted in Sudan desert

Google Maps is an incredible platform which allows you to see the whole wide world from your living room. You can zoom out and see the world from a bird’s eye view or zoom in to virtually walk around. A particular incredible image has been spotted on Google Maps hidden in a desert area of […]

Apple pulls app used by teenagers to hide photos behind a calculator amid police investigation

rawpixel.com/Unsplash Apple has removed from the App Store a controversial app that poses as a calculator and allows users to hide secret photos. The Calculator% app is popular with teenagers, but has been criticised by child welfare experts and is part of an investigation by British police. The app is also not available on Android, […]

Nintendo’s new multi-screen patent isn’t just crazy—it might already hide in Switch

Anybody familiar with Nintendo’s hardware history knows better than to expect the company to rest on its laurels. Sure enough, as the company’s Switch continues racking up sales, a hint at its next portable system has already arisen in the form of a patent that is too bonkers to ignore. Patents, after all, can be […]