Syria’s ‘downing’ of Israeli F-16 marks new ‘strategic phase’ – Hezbollah

The Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah said the alleged downing of Israeli F-16 jet by Syrian forces marks “a new strategic phase” that puts an end to the violation of Syria’s sovereignty. “Today’s developments mean the old equations have categorically ended,” the group said on Saturday. Earlier in the day, Syrian officials reported that the country’s […]

Hariri says he wants Lebanon to be 'neutral,' but won't let Hezbollah jeopardize regional security

Published time: 25 Nov, 2017 20:15 The prime minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, who announced his resignation earlier this month while in Saudi Arabia, but has returned to Beirut and postponed it, has said his latest change of heart is based on a desire to keep the country out of regional conflicts. The decision to […]

US & Israel back to plot to carve-up region after ‘failure of ISIS project’ – Hezbollah leader

The leader of the Lebanese based Hezbollah has said that Israel and its allies are worried over the imminent defeat of the Islamic State terrorist “project,” and are back on course to plunge the region into chaos by sowing division, starting with Iraqi Kurdistan. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned against the partitioning of Iraq in the […]

US threatens ISIS convoy that agreed to leave Lebanon under Hezbollah deal

Published time: 30 Aug, 2017 16:51 The US-led coalition said it may bomb a convoy of Islamic State militants who agreed to leave the Syria-Lebanon border and move towards Iraq under a deal brokered by Hezbollah, adding that it will not allow the terrorists to escape. Coalition aircraft have already struck a bridge and punched […]

ISIS made a deal with Hezbollah to get bused out of Syria, but the US may strike them anyways

Hassan Ammar/Associated Press The Latest on the Syrian conflict and the war against the Islamic State group (all times local): 4:45 p.m. A U.S. official says the coalition is monitoring a convoy of Islamic State fighters who were evacuated from the Lebanon-Syria border toward an area near Iraq under a controversial agreement and may strike […]

CIA head says ‘Iran, Hezbollah & Russians’ involved in Venezuela, pose ‘risk’ to US

Published time: 13 Aug, 2017 22:42 CIA Director Mike Pompeo claimed Venezuela is overrun with Iranians, Hezbollah, Cubans and Russians in response to questions about Donald Trump’s statements about US military intervention. Pompeo appeared on  Fox News Sunday where he responded to comments made by President Donald Trump on Friday, in which he said there […]

Trump to Lebanese premier: ‘You’re on frontline of fighting ISIS, Al-Qaeda – and Hezbollah’

President Trump agreed with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri they will continue to fight terrorism. Falling short of mentioning funding for military support, the president talked only of continued humanitarian support of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Trump told Hariri at a White House news conference on Tuesday the US has helped Lebanon by providing clean […]

2 men in the US charged with providing support to Hezbollah and scouting for potential targets

Thomson Reuters (Reuters) – Two men have been arrested and charged by US prosecutors with scouting potential targets and providing material support to the Lebanese group Hezbollah, which has been designated a terrorist organization by the US government. Ali Kourani, 32, of New York City and Samer El Debek, 27, of Dearborn, Michigan, were arrested […]

Israel conducts military drill to get ready for next ‘real war’ with Hezbollah

Israel is conducting a large-scale military drill at a base in the north of the country, in what commanders say could always be the “last training before the war” with Hezbollah. “We are trying to give the commanders and the soldiers the environment that looks like the real war so that they can have the […]

‘That’s how we act’: Netanyahu justifies Syria air raid, vows forceful response to Hezbollah threat

Published time: 17 Mar, 2017 22:56 Israel will never hesitate to intervene to prevent potential arms transfers to Hezbollah, PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated, commenting on Israel’s latest air raid in Syria in which intruding jets were targeted by air defense systems. Four Israeli jets breached Syrian airspace and targeted military sites roughly around 3:00 am […]