Supplement warning: Taking THIS herbal remedy can stop life-saving medicine working

In the UK, most supplements don’t require a prescription and are easy to purchase. They shouldn’t cause any adverse effects if taken as their instructions recommend. For example, they can be harmful if taken in excess, although cases of this are rare and are usually accidental. A more common mistake, however, is taking supplements at […]

The power strokes sperm use to drill an egg get dashed by herbal remedies

Enlarge / Human Spermatozoa, Scanning Electron Micrograph. (credit: Enver Kerem Dirican ) For the final stretch of their fertilization journey, sperm rev up their whip-like tails to ludicrous egg-boring speed. But amid chemicals from old herbal remedies, sperm may be left feebly treading water a few strokes from the finish line. Two steroid-like chemicals from […]

What's your cup of tea? Herbal infusions and their many health benefits

GETTY – STOCK IMAGE Every type of tea has its own healthy properties Recent studies show it helps protect against dementia, smooths out the blood sugar spikes which increase the risk of diabetes and cuts the odds of developing prostate cancer.  Tea infusions scientist and chemist Dr Tim Bond says: “Tea is such an integral […]