Fox N Forests’ Season-Changing Powers Unveil Secrets And Help Clobber Bosses

A giant wasp isn’t so tough in the winter in Fox N Forests, a game where a fox with a crossbow can change the seasons, affecting the stages and enemies around them in all kinds of helpful ways. Rick the Fox aims to bring justice to the forest denizens and uncover the mystery of the […]

Youth suicides, violence: Nunavut community of Pangnirtung calling out for help amid ‘sense of desperation’

A dozen youth in a remote community in Nunavut attempted suicide this past February. The next month calls to RCMP doubled. Now, officials are descending on Pangnirtung next week after receiving a desperate plea for help.

Stroke: Switching to this amazing diet could help you avoid life-threatening condition

Stroke is the UK’s fourth largest cause of death. One in eight strokes being fatal within the first 30 days and one in four strokes being fatal within a year, according to the Stroke Association. Symptoms that someone is having a stroke appear rapidly and can include sudden trouble seeing or blurred vision, trouble speaking […]

High blood pressure: Add this juice into your diet to help control symptoms

HIGH blood pressure symptoms are not always noticeable, but if they do show, they can come in the form of a severe headache, vision problems and chest pain. What you eat can affect your BP reading, and while foods with high salt levels should be avoided, health experts suggest adding a particular drink into your […]

Back pain: Supplements containing this Southeastern Asian spice could help lessen soreness

BACK pain is common and usually isn’t the sign of anything serious – it tends to improve within a few weeks. Painkillers and certain exercises are two forms of recommended treatment, but some health experts believe taking turmeric supplements can also help reduce discomfort.

Niantic is building AR maps with help from ‘Pokémon Go’ players

Niantic may have split from Google years ago, but there’s a little bit of Google culture left — namely, the Maps part. The developer told Reuters that it’s planning to create 3D augmented reality maps with the help of Pokémon Go players’ cameras. Gamers would help map public spaces (such as parks and plazas) so […]