NASA is about to ‘touch’ a star for the first time — here are the hellish conditions the Parker Solar Probe must survive

United Launch Alliance NASA‘s Parker Solar Probe successfully launched into space on Sunday, August 12 at 3:31 a.m. EDT. But to “touch” the sun and study its weather, the $ 1.5-billion mission must survive hellish conditions. Temperatures will reach a searing 2,500 degrees when the spacecraft zooms through the star’s atmosphere at 430,000 mph. Once […]

A ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ is making the housing market more hellish for first-time buyers

Drew Angerer/Getty The share of Americans who think now is a good time to buy because home prices won’t fall is at a record high, according to the University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment survey. This is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s making housing more unaffordable for first-time buyers, according to David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff’s chief […]

Can Demons end hellish losing streak?

Video Image Pies bag first win over Blues2:08 AFL: Collingwood have claimed their first win of the season with a 24-point triumph over Carlton at the MCG. April 7th 2018 2 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/AFL/ Can Michael Hibberd and Demons finally get a win over North Melbourne. Picture: Getty Images Herald Sun Share […]

‘Worrisome, chaotic & hellish’: Americans look back at 2017

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 23:56 Over half of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans alike, chose ‘worrisome’ to describe 2017, according to a new survey. The poll, carried out by Survey Monkey and published Sunday, showed 52 percent of respondents including 64 percent of Democrats and 38 percent of Republicans, found the past year to […]

ISIS fighters got inside the wire during a hellish firefight with US Special Ops in Syria

Thomson Reuters US forces in southern Syria came under attack by Islamic State militants around midnight local time on Saturday, joining with local partner forces to repel the assault in an hours-long fight that required multiple airstrikes and left three US-backed Syrian fighters dead. US special-operations advisers were on the ground near the al-Tanf border […]

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk shows off its hellish supercharged V8

We’ve seen the spy shots of this thing, the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk, before. But only from the outside. The external changes are plenty telling, but there was always the slight chance we were looking only at an extra-hot SRT version, not a full-blown (pun intended) TrackHawk with a Hellcat motor. Until the hood […]

‘Everything within 400 yards was incinerated’: Dresden survivor recalls hellish WWII attack (PHOTOS)

British World War II veteran Victor Gregg might not be alive today were it not for the Allied bombardment of Dresden. But the now-97 year old finds it difficult to reconcile the hellish events of February 13, 1945 with victory. On that night, around 800 Allied aircraft filled the air above Dresden and proceeded to […]