Mexico’s new president will probably keep its secretive billion-dollar oil hedge going

REUTERS/Henry Romero Mexico buys put options from US financial institutions on oil.  A change in government may see that hedge out soon.  Ultimately, it looks as if the hedging strategy will remain in place.  The Mexican oil hedge, or the Hacienda Hedge, is considered the biggest hedging bet on Wall Street as well as perhaps the […]

A YouTuber combined an EDM mix from Goldman Sachs’ future CEO with a video by hedge fund legend Ray Dalio — and it’s as weird as it sounds

YouTiube A YouTuber has combined the music of Goldman Sachs President David Solomon with a motivational video from Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio. Solomon creates music under the name DJ D-Sol, and has over 425,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Check out the video below. Wall Street’s song of the summer is almost certainly going to […]

Hedge funds worry about the legal risks of using “alternative” data

“QUANT” (quantitative) hedge funds, which craft elaborate algorithms to make trading decisions, rely on access to information. That used to mean market data, such as prices and trading volume. But some now seek an edge in novel sources. An industry has sprung up to serve them with, and help them analyse, “alternative” data, such as […]

Meet the ‘rockstar’ MIT professor who’s been linked to Brad Pitt and billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman

Riccardo Savi/Getty Brad Pitt is reportedly spending time with MIT Media Lab professor Neri Oxman — though the relationship isn’t romantic. Oxman is reportedly dating billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman. Oxman was born in Israel, coined the term and pioneered the field of “material ecology,” and has her work featured in museums across the […]

REPORT: Institutional investors are pulling out of Bill Ackman’s hedge fund at a ‘rapid pace’

Reuters/ Brian Snyder Institutional investors are pulling out of Pershing Square Capital at a “rapid pace,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Pershing Square’s total assets reportedly declined by 12% in the first quarter of 2018, falling to a total of $ 8.2 billion. Institutional investors are pulling money out of Pershing Square Capital at […]

Numerai will give $1 million in crypto tokens to Kaggle users who sign up to its crowdsourced hedge fund

EXCLUSIVE: You may have heard of Numerai — the unorthodox hedge fund that crowdsources predictive stock market models from data scientists around the world. It is now seeking more brain power and announced today that it is giving away $ 1 million worth of cryptocurrency to Kaggle users who sign up. The San Francisco-based hedge […]

$35 billion hedge fund Millennium Management has hired a top trader from Citigroup

Thomson Reuters Sebastian Ridd, who had been head of program trading and cash trading in the US at Citigroup, is joining giant hedge fund Millennium Management. His departure from Citigroup, along with that of global head of cash trading Armando Diaz, represents a shift at the top of the US bank’s stock trading business.  Millennium Management, the […]

Hedge funder Phil Falcone just listed his New York City townhouse for $39 million

REUTERS/Steve Marcus Phil Falcone and his wife just listed their Upper East Side townhouse for $ 39 million. It’s five floors and 13,300 square feet. They bought the property in 2004 for $ 10.4 million. Philip Falcone is ready for a bigger house. The former hedge fund manager is listing his Upper East Side townhouse for […]

Carl Icahn just dunked on Bill Ackman to end one of the most high-profile hedge fund spats in recent memory

Brendan McDermid/Reuters Pershing Square exited from its $ 1 billion short position on Herbalife.   The firm’s Bill Ackman got into a public spat with famed investor Carl Icahn, who’s bullish on the stock. Icahn is now gloating for being right.  Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is reveling in his victory over Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman.  […]

$34 billion hedge fund Elliott Management says a ‘dénouement’ is approaching — and it’s a disaster waiting to happen

Wikimedia Paul Singer’s Elliott Management, a $ 34 billion hedge fund, is beating the drum again about an impending market crash. Elliott has long raised concerns about market conditions. “If you think the human race is in a better and more knowledgeable state than in the past, good luck to you,” Elliott wrote in its […]