WATCH: Shocking moment dramatic runway crash is narrowly avoided in heart-stopping video

Namibia Airport narrowly avoided a serious accident when a train of four luggage trolleys was sent flying at high speed towards a stationary plane. A viral video of the dramatic incident shows airport workers at Hosea Kutako International Airport desperately trying to run after the trolleys and stop them crashing into the aircraft. The train’s […]

WATCH: Heart-stopping moment THIS is spotted in busy lake in Nevada

The viral video, filmed in Lake Tahoe in Nevada, captured a typical beach scene. Mountains can be seen in the distance while paddle boarding and canoeing tourists make the most of the beautiful water. But the shocking scene captured something rather unusual in the water as onlookers filmed. While they didn’t seem to be threatening […]

WATCH: Heart-stopping landing in Amsterdam as plane battles dangerous strong winds

The viral video shows a Eurowings plane attempt a landing at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport in high winds. It can be seen coming onto the tarmac after being buffeted by winds of up to 70mph. It then attempts to land sideways to make the landing safety. Thankfully both wheels touch the floor and it successfully lands. […]

WATCH: Heart-stopping moment driver almost causes DOUBLE collision with illegal manoeuvre

A viral video has captured the terrifying moment a car almost causes a double collision after driving dangerously on the road. The video has emerged after the dash cam of a cyclist caught the act in Wolverhampton earlier this year. A car can be seen speeding up to a junction as they approach the main […]

WATCH: Heart-stopping moment truck almost hits THIS on a busy road

A viral video captured a heart-stopping moment on a busy road. The person filming is following a green bus along a one-lane road in the countryside in Norway. As it comes to a stop, a group of school-children can be seen jumping off. Suddenly, one darts into the middle of the road as they try […]

WATCH: Terrifying moment cruise ship SUBMERGES during heart-stopping storm

The cruise ship was travelling from New York to the Caribbean when it faced the storm. Rich Baker, the man who filmed the storm and worked on the cruise ship, captured the moment his porthole window was completely submerged by the huge waves. Thankfully, the portholes are made to withstand the waves and no break […]

WATCH: Bad driver narrowly avoids injury in heart-stopping train collision

Bad drivers often put others at risk for their law-breaking stunts, from overtaking dangerously to going over the speed limit. Sometimes they put themselves at risk by not abiding by the laws of the road. One driver found out the hard way by narrowly avoiding a speeding train. They certainly won’t be doing it again. […]