Heartland Tech Weekly: Promising tech hubs won’t all rise together

An interesting report came out this week from the Center for American Entrepreneurship, detailing the progress that’s been made in American startup communities over the last three years. The report specifically looked at how the number of “first financings” — that is, the amount of startups receiving their first round of venture capital finan…Read More

Heartland Tech Weekly: Silicon Valley excess spreads outside the Bay Area

Typically, when a startup goes public after reaching a billion-dollar plus valuation, it’s considered a “win” for that community. But what happens when that billion-dollar company is no longer a unicorn? Earlier this month, Domo, a Utah-based business analytics startup founded by serial entrepreneur Josh James, filed for an IPO. The milestone shoul…Read More

Heartland Tech Weekly: What scaling startups look for in a second location

This week, there are a couple of stories in the Heartland Tech newsletter that touch on scaling startups looking outside of the Bay Area. First, there’s my story on Opendoor adding an engineering office in Atlanta, its first outside of San Francisco. Second, there’s a nice analysis from Crunchbase News on where unicorn companies are opening offices…Read More

Heartland Tech Weekly: In Pittsburgh, big tech continues to lure university grads to the Valley

Research universities are often pointed to as one of the most important drivers of tech activity in the Heartland. They not only provide a pipeline of talent for established tech companies, but can help facilitate the creation of startups if they give students and researchers the resources to help them start their own companies. But what […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: The Midwest offers more than just an escape from Silicon Valley

In this week’s featured video, Axios’ Dan Primack questions the sincerity of venture capitalists who have recently taken tours of the Midwest to explore investment opportunities, likening the experience to going on vacation: The way I think about it was, I took a ski trip with my family 2 weeks ago, and I remember saying […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: Distance shouldn’t keep Silicon Valley and the Midwest apart

For many Silicon Valley venture capitalists, the five-hour flight to the Midwest may seem five times that long, considering most of their portfolio companies may currently be within a 30-minute drive. But distance shouldn’t keep Silicon Valley and the Midwest from working together — and in fact, Silicon Valley venture capitalists are likely to miss […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: Tech’s growing obsession with income inequality

Last week, I wrote about Venture for America founder Andrew Yang’s unlikely run for president, with the aim of convincing the general public about the need for universal basic income. Whether or not one agrees that UBI is a necessity in today’s digital economy, the stories highlighted in this week’s Heartland Tech newsletter show that inequality is increasingly becoming […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: Universal basic income already has a champion in the 2020 election

Universal basic income got its first endorsement this week from a 2020 presidential candidate (unless you believe the speculation that Mark Zuckerberg is going to run for president). In this week’s Beyond VB section, I included a link to a New York Times profile of Andrew Yang, the founder of Venture for America who is betting […]

Heartland Tech Weekly: What makes a city attractive for tech workers

This week on the Heartland Tech channel, we published an essay from Josh Driver, the founder of an Indiana software startup and a member of the LGBTQ community, on how his state can create a more welcoming environment for businesses. There’s a few sentences I’d like to highlight in particular: “Personally, as the founder of […]