‘Wormwood’ Review: Errol Morris’ Netflix Project Hauntingly Blends Fact and Fiction

With Wormwood, documentary filmmaker Errol Morris creates his boldest, most thought provoking film yet. A delirious, haunting blend of talking-head documentary and narrative reenactment; a true crime saga that doubles as a government conspiracy polemic. A saga wrought with mystery, grief, scandal, and puzzlement. There’s never really been anything quite like this. Dramatic reenactments of real-life moments […]

Hauntingly Beautiful Floral Arrangements That Incorporate Unusual Ephemera

Transplants Floral — an independent floral boutique in Austin, Texas — is run by Antonio Bond. He creates stunning floral designs that incorporate unusual ephemera and trinkets. The objects in Bond’s designs range from meteorites and wasp hives, to statues, welding masks, and more. Bond has a new book out on November 21 from Blue […]