‘To Dust’ Review: A Uniquely Humorous Hasidic Jewish Story of Death and Life [Tribeca]

Death makes fools of us all because it exposes the limitations of human knowledge. We may have strong beliefs about what happens after our final breath, but none among us truly knows what happens. That uncertainty can gnaw away at those left behind with little more than the memory and the body of the recently […]

How a Netflix documentary got inside New York City’s intensely insular Hasidic community

Netflix “One of Us” is a Netflix documentary that gives a rare look inside New York City’s insular Hasidic community. Directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady spent three years making it. Two of the three people they spotlight in the movie said they suffered sexual or physical abuse before leaving the community. Since the movie […]

Netflix Picks Up Portrait of Hasidic Judaism From the Directors of ‘Jesus Camp’

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s Jesus Camp is a documentary that speaks to the tremendous reach of Netflix – a very small movie that’s been seen as widely as it has because it’s a mainstay in the service’s streaming library, and it always turns up on the service journalism listicles of the best docs on […]