'Ass' backwards: Joey Votto reverses his harsh words about Canada

Cincinnati Reds all-star Joey Votto has penned an apology after saying in a podcast on Tuesday that he doesn't care about Canada, Canadian baseball or his hometown of Toronto. Votto, who played for Canada at the 2009 and 2013 World Baseball Classics and won the Lou Marsh Award as Canada's athlete of the year in […]

Russia’s Northern Fleet fighter jets hone combat skills in harsh Arctic climate (VIDEO)

Russia’s Northern Fleet pilots braved chilling Arctic weather while honing their skills in their fighter jets, the Russian Defense Ministry has shown in newly released footage. Some eight MiG-29K aircrafts took to the skies above Murmansk Region to practice maneuvers amid difficult weather conditions. The crews have been working on their skills at taking off […]

Harsh winter weather in eastern US could be due to warmer Arctic

Enlarge / Temperatures at the start of 2018—a familiar pattern as of late. (credit: NASA Earth Observatory) Without some historical context, it’s easy to over-interpret an unusual weather event, especially when it’s fresh in your mind. At this time of year in the US, that means cold snaps or unseasonably warm weather—and the storms that […]

Harsh words and a lawsuit: Trump and California at war

A major conflict between California and Donald Trump, who has just sued the liberal state over immigration issues, is worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. But it’s not the first time the two have butted heads. Here’s a look at some previous clashes between the Golden State and Trump’s White House. Immigration and sanctuary cities On […]

Nissan is using a miniature car wash to test paint durability in harsh conditions

Following is a transcript of the video.  This mini car wash serves a big purpose. Nissan is using the model machine to test paint durability and quality. Nissan is using the model machine to test paint durability and quality. Car washes can scratch car paint. The wash includes a big brush, dirt, and water jets. Usually, a small-scale car […]

Warriors newcomer Nick Young learned a quick, harsh lesson about having shooting contests with Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young challenged Stephen Curry to a halfcourt shooting contest despite warnings not to. Curry reportedly made the first shot and won the bet. Young said he’s learned his lesson about betting with Curry. Stephen Curry is widely known for having unlimited range on the basketball court, but Golden State Warriors […]

How a harsh criticism turned ‘Coco’ into Pixar’s most uniquely made movie yet

Disney/Pixar “Coco” is the latest Pixar movie and is directed by Lee Unkrich (“Toy Story 3”). The movie focuses on the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos (“Day of the Dead”), and marks the first time Pixar has told a story around a cultural celebration. Unkrich brought on cultural consultants to make sure the story […]

Netflix’s ‘Mudbound’: Harsh and Beautiful, It’s the Streamer’s Greatest Cinematic Triumph Yet

With Dee Rees’ stunningly directed adaptation, the streaming platform’s investment in prestige features will pay dividends come awards time. https://media.wired.com/photos/5a0de5ef8cf34630f7dff4cc/master/pass/MudBound-Final.jpg Feed: All Latest

Harsh truth haunting Ablett return

THE wait is over — Gary Ablett is going home. After months of growing speculation of his return to Geelong, the 33-year-old Gold Coast midfielder put pen to paper for the Cats after seven season with the Suns. Ablett’s move gives Geelong their best chance at taking a premiership since taking the flag in 2011 […]

Build Your Armies To Brave Harsh Climates & Enemy Territories In Bannermen

Bannermen aims to please fans of classical, medieval RTS, but adds some interesting elements, such as climate effects and problems, that give it a unique personality in the genre. Like in many RTS games, players will have to manage their territory and build up an army to progress and reclaim land. To do this, there […]