‘This is what happens when you elect a moron to the presidency’: Michael Avenatti claps back at Trump’s ‘Horseface’ tweet toward Stormy Daniels

Mary Altaffer/AP Attorney Michael Avenatti fired a warning shot in response to President Donald Trump’s tweets in which he called Avenatti’s client, adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, “Horseface.” “I’m a father to two daughters … how do you tell your kids to look up to the president of the United States when he behaves in this […]

Melania Trump wears khaki trousers but Secret Service agent steps in after this happens

Melania Trump visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi today. As part of her first international trip without Donald Trump, the 48-year-old got up close with a baby elephant. The First Lady of the United States and a team of onlookers approached one of the mammals in the vicinity. However, as she […]

Lung cancer symptoms: If this happens to your fingers you could have the deadly disease

The main symptoms of lung cancer include problems associated directly with your lungs. These comprise persistent or long-standing coughs, persistent chest infections, coughing up blood, persistent breathlessness, and aches or pains when breathing or coughing. Other common symptoms are constant tiredness or lack of energy, loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss. However, aside from […]

WATCH: Tourist reaches to feed a giraffe – you will never guess what happens next

A funny video of a tourist feeding a giraffe has gone viral on the internet. The video footage, taken in a zoo at an unknown location, takes a surprising turn. The female holidaymaker is casually dressed for a hot climate wearing a black T-shirt and denim shorts. She stands in front of a tall giraffe […]

What happens when climate change meets the courts?

Enlarge / The courts have become another frontline in the battle against climate change. (credit: Patrick Feller / Flickr) In 2015, a group of children filed a climate change lawsuit against the US government on the grounds that “through the government’s affirmative actions that cause climate change, it has violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights […]

Coronation Street: What happens to baby Jack in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street favourite, Kevin Webster (played by Michael Le Vell), was recently left devastated when his son, Jack (Kyran Bowes), contracted sepsis.  He developed the deadly disease after grazing his knee while playing football with half-sister, Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent).  Jack said he had been feeling unwell when staying with Sophie, but she insisted he […]