Matilda movie cast then and now: What happened to the stars of Roald Dahl adaptation?

Released in 1996 and directed by one of its stars, Danny DeVito, it has become an all-time family favourite movie – and maintains a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The original Matilda novel came out on October 1, 1988 and is thought to be Roald Dahl’s best-seller – with worldwide sales of over 17 million. […]

Chicago Med Mystery: What Happened Between Ava and Connor's Dad?

Chicago Med‘s Season 4 premiere left us with one very burning question: Just how far did things go between Dr. Ava Bekker and Dr. Connor Rhodes’ father? After Connor’s proposal for a hybrid emergency OR failed to get funding from the hospital’s board, Ava approached Connor’s dad Cornelius, who is a wealthy donor to the institution. […]

Here’s everything that happened at Apple’s huge iPhone launch event (AAPL)

Getty CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — Apple just launched a bunch of new products, including iPhones and Apple Watches.  Apple invited journalists, Wall Street analysts, and VIPs to the Steve Jobs Theatre on its campus in Cupertino, California, so it can drum up hype for its biggest product launch of the year.  Apple’s launches are a Silicon […]

Paris knife attack: What happened and is it safe? Latest update as two Britons stabbed

The knife attack in Paris took place late last night in the Quai de la Loire district of the city. A man was arrested following the incident in the French capital after attacking seven people, two thought to be British tourists who have chest and head injuries according to French media. According to French police, […]

Officials say reported mortar explosions in Baghdad happened near a US Embassy

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson The US State Department confirmed there was a mortar attack near the US embassy in Iraq. Officials say the embassy was not impacted and that staffers are taking appropriate safety precautions. Sources say the attack came from Baghdad Area Zayoona, which is associated with Asae’b Ahlil Al Haq, an Iraqi Shi’a paramilitary group backed […]

Cohen bombshell sparks fresh calls for Trump impeachment – but what happened to Russia collusion?

Michael Cohen’s testimony that Donald Trump told him to violate campaign finance laws is sparking fresh calls for impeachment, with #Resistors curiously silent on how ‘Russia collusion’ became ‘giving women hush money.’ The conviction of Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, on tax and bank fraud charges, coupled with news that the president’s former attorney […]

The Last Man on Earth: Here's What Would Have Happened in Season 5

“Oh farts.” Those were the last words spoken by The Last Man on Earth‘s Phil “Tandy” Miller after it was revealed that he and his makeshift family were surrounded by dozens of fellow, unidentified survivors. So who were those people? Why did they emerge from an underground bunker? And what was with those gas masks? Those questions would […]