New study gives some handy tips on how to survive on Game of Thrones

Enlarge / How has Tyrion Lannister survived for so long? Being high born helps, being male doesn’t. His willingness to switch his allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen likely tipped the balance. (credit: HBO) Game of Thrones boasts one of the highest body counts on TV, knocking off even major characters in some very gruesome ways. Perhaps […]

Space wishes: ISS crew reveals which superpower would be handy in orbit

Ahead of Monday’s launch to the International Space Station, cosmonauts told the media which superpower would have helped them in space, and what they might do in their own back yard with their new knowledge of the Soyuz rocket. Russian cosmonaut and Soyuz MC-11 commander Oleg Kononenko said an ability to shift between human and […]

Academics created a periodic table of mind-blowing tech, and it’s a handy guide to how the world will change forever

Imperial College London Academics at Imperial Tech Foresight have created a periodic table of mind-blowing tech. The table is designed to be a visual conversation starter about where the world is going. It features 100 innovations, ranging from the benign and everyday, to the mind-blowing and potentially terrifying. Academics at Imperial Tech Foresight (ITF), an […]

Stalin’s Handy and Ruthless Henchman

The commissar’s body lay in the corridor of the government building, bleeding from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Facing false charges of treason — not to mention the wrath of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin himself — the ex-chief of the Soviet aviation industry had decided to kill himself rather than be arrested. The […]

Cruise deals: Get the most for your money on board with THIS handy trick

According to an annual report compiled by the UK and Ireland cruise industry; British passengers took almost two million cruises in 2017.  This is a new record for the cruising industry with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) declaring there were 1,959,000 cruise passengers last year. With such a range of luxury cruise lines and […]

Cheap flights: Avoid paying Air Passenger Duty with THIS handy trick

Securing cheap holiday deals can be a nightmare with the average cost of a summer abroad seemingly costing more year on year. Finding a cheap hotel deal is more likely but this is then overlooked by skyrocket flight prices. It was recently revealed that the best way to secure flight deals was to book at […]

Meghan Markle does THIS handy trick to avoid jet lag when travelling

Meghan Markle, 36, is the newest member of the royal family since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry, 33, last November. The royal couple have already travelled extensively together to destinations including Jamaica, Norway and Kenya. Yet the ex-actress has previously travelled during her career as a World Vision Global Ambassador, something she frequently wrote […]

Are YOU healthy? This handy guide shows how to improve by the decade

GETTY Its easy to find general health tips, but this in depth guide will see you well throughout your life And half the 1,000 adults polled by healthcare company Bupa Health Clinics said they would change their lifestyle only after being given a warning by a doctor. But the results of bad habits may only become […]

Why Handy Games is working on 11 games for the Nintendo Switch

It may sound a little nuts, but Handy Games has gone crazy for the Nintendo Switch. The German company is developing 11 games for Nintendo’s hot platform, which has become the fastest-selling game console in 2017. This week, Handy Games launched Aces of the Luftwaffe Squadron, a sequel to an earlier mobile game. It’s a […]