Is Dynasty ‘Double’ a Delight? Did Kids Handle Masturbation Alright? Was Legends Nipple Squicky? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Dynasty, The Blacklist, Game of Thrones, Barry, Riverdale, NCIS and SVU! 1 | Was Hawaii Five-0‘s Tani touching up an old photo of Junior’s dad (while at the beach!) one of […]

How to Handle Your Sex Pics Going Public

When Your Home Movies Leave the House EUGENE, SIR: My husband and I like filming our play. Not just to watch ourselves but for trading with other like-minded people. It’s a variation of swinging, without the messiness of actually interacting with people. We’ve also started posting to YouPorn, so we’re exhibitionists too. Anyway, my husband […]

Trump explains how he’ll handle Jim Acosta now that his press pass is back

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters President Donald Trump explained how he’ll deal with Jim Acosta, the CNN’s correspondent he barred from the White House after numerous confrontations, saying he has a simple solution. The White House will come up with a code of conduct for reporters, and if Acosta breaks the rules, they’ll boot him out. CNN won […]

Cardi B announced she is pregnant on SNL — and fans can’t handle it

SNL Cardi B confirmed that she is pregnant during her performance on Saturday Night Live.  Following her appearance on SNL, Cardi B took to Twitter to confirm the news once more. Fans of the rapper were also overjoyed about the announcement, with many congratulating Cardi B on social media. After weeks of speculation, Cardi B […]

Carnival Cruise gave a free vacation to a teen in exchange for the @carnivalcruise Snapchat handle (SNAP)

Carnival Cruise offered 15-year-old Darian Lipscomb a free vacation for his Snapchat handle. He had been posting as @carnivalcruise since he was nine. The company mounted an ad campaign fronted by Shaquille O’Neal dedicated to finding him — and offered the cruise package when they tracked him down. Lipscomb accepted, and is being taken to […]

Kim Jong Un may have visited Xi Jinping to figure out how to handle Trump

China has confirmed that Kim Jong Un traveled to China this week in his first overseas trip since  becoming North Korea’s leader in 2011.  Experts say Kim probably met with China to talk about how to deal with Trump and his negotiating style during future talks. China knows well how to appease the US president […]

Waymo Chief Says His Company’s Self-Driving Tech “Would Be Able to Handle” Fatal Uber Crash Scenario

– Waymo chief executive John Krafcik said he is confident his company’s technology “would be able to handle” a scenario like the one that resulted in a fatal accident involving a self-driving Uber vehicle, the first such death on a public road. Krafcik was speaking Saturday at a National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) convention in Las Vegas […]

Bucks: we didn’t handle the heat

COLLINGWOOD coach Nathan Buckley says his side “didn’t handle the heat”, but said he wasn’t feeling any despite a deflating season-opening loss to Hawthorn. Asked if he felt the pressure was already building from an impatient supporter base, Buckley said: “Circumstantially, no. We’ve dropped a game, it was a game we would have liked to […]