Hand-Drawn RPG ‘Nepenthe’ Offers Moral Choice With Each Battle

Nepenthe, on top of having a charming look reminiscent of all of the made-up video games I’d scribble in the margins of my homework at school when I was a kid, offers moral choice with its combat, letting players work toward saving the monsters and troublemakers that mean to thump them on the head. You […]

Shakes and Fidget: The Adventure is a pretty and cute hand-drawn adventure game

Playa Games announced that it is working on Shakes and Fidget: The Adventure, a classic-style point-and-click adventure game spinoff of its Shakes and Fidget massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is targeting a release for PC in late 2018. Point-and-click adventure games were popular in the ’90s with hits like the Monkey Island and King’s Quest […]

‘Fairy Tail – Dragon Cry’ Movie Artwork And Script Page Reveal Plot? Hand-Drawn Illustrations Suggests Japanese Animated Film May Explore Natsu’s Origin Story

Popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail has a new movie three years after the first one came out. As the movie, titled ‘Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’, is approaching its release date, fans are being offered several new pieces of information to keep the excitement alive. As part of the promotions, the movie’s official website offered a […]