Ryanair: How to save money with the new hand luggage restrictions

Ryanair recently announced new changes to their hand luggage allowances for passengers onboard. Earlier this year, basic ticket holders had to put their hand luggage suitcases in the hold for free. The new change no longer allows this, with passengers having to pay to take a hand luggage sized bag with them. However, there is […]

US Coast Guard ‘removed’ after making ‘white power’ hand signal on live TV (VIDEO)

The US Coast Guard has “removed” one of its members from the Hurricane Florence response team after he allegedly made a ‘white power’ hand signal during a live TV broadcast. The unidentified team member made the “offensive” ‘OK’ hand gesture while looking into the camera during a live broadcast with Sector Charleston Commanding Officer Captain […]

‘It had been a chaotic morning’: Brett Kavanaugh says he didn’t recognize Parkland shooting victim’s father when he tried to shake his hand

Andrew Harnik/AP Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says he would have shaken the hand of Fred Guttenberg, the father of a shooting victim from Parkland, Florida, had he recognized him before he was whisked away by security detail. The moment was captured in a photograph that went viral on social media. Kavanaugh said in a […]

Ryanair hand luggage: Airline changes rules AGAIN for passengers

Ryanair passengers who had booked a flight from 1 November onwards would have been subject to the new hand luggage changes. This would mean either paying for Priority Boarding at £6, or for a 10kg bag for £8 to be put into the hold. The airline said this would affect all passengers no matter when […]

Xbox Adaptive Controller is now out—and we go hand, foot, fingers, and elbows-on

Enlarge / The brand-new Xbox Adaptive Controller, posing on top of its black-on-white gaming sibling, the Xbox One S console. (credit: Sam Machkovech) Microsoft’s newest game accessory, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, probably isn’t for you. That’s just an odds game, when counting the percentage of people who fall into the “limited mobility” camp that this […]

UK flights: Hand luggage weight limits on airlines including Ryanair, EasyJet and Jet2

UK flights with free hand luggage included are slowly being phased out in the airline market as many remove the bags allowed into the cabin. Wizz Air and Ryanair are the latest to remove free suitcases being allowed onboard. Etihad recently announced the launch of their new hand luggage only tickets as budget travellers aim […]

UK flights: Hand luggage rules that ban British food from being taken to countries

UK travellers need to abide by strict travel rules when travelling with luggage. Hand luggage bags are currently banned from carrying liquids over 100ml, although that could soon change. Sharp objects are also prohibited to keep the cabin as safe as possible. Yet there are also a number of British food items banned from being […]

The Country Where Happiness and Inequality Go Hand in Hand

The 2018 World Happiness Report named Costa Rica the happiest country in Latin America — not all that surprising when Costa Rica has for years topped global happiness rankings, alongside the usual Scandinavian suspects of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. And yet. In the capital city of San José, the average gross salary is a reasonable […]

Ryanair cuts hand luggage AGAIN: Passengers no longer allowed free suitcases in the hold

Ryanair has changed their hand luggage rules again for the second time in 2018. At the beginning of the year, passengers were no longer allowed to take a free suitcase into the cabin with them. They had to buy Priority Boarding, costing £6, to be allowed it with them – or have it put into […]