Republicans will hold a vote on abolishing ICE — forcing Democrats to show their hand

Alex Edelman/Getty Images Republicans are gearing up to force a vote on the left wing of the Democratic Party’s plan to abolish the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The plan to hold a vote would be an attempt to make vulnerable Democrats show their hand on a controversial and fringe position important to the Democratic […]

UK flights: Food and drink that is banned from hand luggage onboard

UK flights could soon be affected by new regulations regarding what can be taken into the cabin. Powdered materials could be restricted to just 12 ounces when being brought in hand luggage. This would ban cosmetics, coffees and spices being brought onboard. It follows the example of the USA and Australia who announced the new […]

NATO 2018: Body language expert reveals what Trump's hand gesture at May REALLY means

Donald Trump and Theresa May were pictured together at the NATO summit in Brussels this afternoon. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, posed for pictures with the UK Prime Minister, the pair both looking formal in the snaps. While it all looked cordial from the outside, the unspoken body language has been decoded […]

Hand luggage rules: Latest travel update on banned items from cabin baggage

Hand-luggage-only passengers are increasing in number as cheap airlines offer no-frill tickets. This means not being allowed a bag in the hold without paying an additional fee. Britons instead cram everything they need for their holiday into one small suitcase to take into the cabin. Yet recent rules have changed regarding what is allowed into […]

US flights: Passengers now asked to remove snacks from hand luggage at US airport security

Hand luggage is being closely examined at major US airports, with officials asking travellers to remove snacks and powders from their bags for extra security checks.  The Transport Security Administration (TSA) in America is tightening security in a bid to counter terrorism – although the food policy is not an official one. However, officers at many […]

Ryanair flights: How much hand luggage can you take on board the plane?

Ryanair cabin baggage allowance rules are strict, and passengers wanting to put hand luggage into overhead lockers must pay for Priority Boarding at £5. This is the travel advice. With the basic fare you are only allowed one small bag on board.  This item must fit under the seat in front of you in the aircraft to be […]

LeBron James ‘played with broken hand’ in last 3 NBA Finals games after punching board

LeBron James says he played the last three games in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 4-0 NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors “pretty much with a broken hand,” after punching a blackboard in an outburst after Game 1. The Warriors claimed a 4-0 series sweep on Friday with a 108-85 win in Cleveland, but James […]

LeBron James played through the Finals with a serious hand injury that occurred after he punched a blackboard after the Cavs’ devastating Game 1 loss

Tony Dejak/AP LeBron James reportedly played the last three games of the NBA Finals with a severe right hand injury. James reportedly sustained the injury when he punched a blackboard following the Cavs Game 1 meltdown. James hid the injury from plain sight and was reportedly wearing a cast when he was out of the […]

Hand luggage rules: Which UK airline allows the most bags in the cabin for free?

Hand luggage rules can become confusing for passengers who fly with different airlines when travelling abroad. Some offer free baggage in the cabin, while other airlines do not. Airlines may also have different measurement restrictions, as well as weight restrictions for cabin bags. Which UK airlines offer passengers the most hand luggage, both weight and […]