World economic growth is slowing. Don’t worry—yet

IN 2017 the global economy broke out of a rut. It grew by 3.8%, the fastest pace since 2011. Surging animal spirits accompanied a rebound in business investment across the rich world. Global trade growth rose to 4.9%, also the fastest rate since 2011. Emerging-market currencies appreciated against the dollar, keeping inflation low and debts […]

Switch, PC, and crypto all lead to booming growth for Nvidia

Nvidia just reported record quarterly revenue of $ 3.21 billion for the three-month period that ended April 29. That is up 66 percent year-over-year from $ 1.94 billion. Increased demand for GPU-based artificial intelligence is one of the key factors driving Nvidia’s growth, but the company also saw huge jumps in spending in its gaming […]

Under Armour is ‘still in the early innings of global growth’ (UAA)

Under Armour‘s first-quarter earnings beat on both the top and bottom lines. Shares are under pressure after the company warned gross margins will remain under pressure. Jefferies analyst Randal Konik thinks Under Armour is poised for growth. It has upside in its international businesses, and it’s fixing its inventory problem. Watch Under Armour trade in […]

After a good run of growth, China’s economy braces for bumps

JUST a few years ago Wuhan, a sprawling metropolis in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, exemplified China’s economic woes. Municipal debt had soared. The most senior local official was known as “Mr Dig Up The City”, a reference to his zeal for grandiose construction projects. A movie theme park, intended as a landmark, […]

SuperData Research: Games will lead the growth of entertainment

As traditional entertainment struggles to find its place in a new digital world, video games prosper and have evolved into a mainstream form of entertainment. Joost van Dreunen, CEO of analyst firm SuperData Research, talked the rise of games in the context of the larger media and entertainment industry growth in a talk at GamesBeat Summit […]

These 13 stocks will see explosive sales growth that will help them crush earnings season, Goldman Sachs says

Reuters The first-quarter earnings season is shaping up to be one of the most hotly anticipated in recent memory as the market seeks a bright spot amid multiple headwinds. While some investors may be focused on bottom-line profits, Goldman Sachs is more interested in stocks generating high sales growth, and it has identified 13 S&P […]

Economists understand little about the causes of growth

OVER the past decade economists have been intensely scrutinised for their intellectual failings in the run-up to the 2007-08 financial crisis. Yet had the recession that followed been more severe—wiping a quarter off the GDP of every advanced economy, say—those countries would still have ended up four times as rich per person, in purchasing-power terms, […]

Pound to euro exchange rate: Strong sterling continues despite UK economic growth drop

The pound has retained its strength against the euro today with it holding at 1.147. It briefly saw highs of 1.150 this week before dropping back down. The exchange rate has had a steady week in comparison to recent months where the fluctuation has caused uncertainty. It follows a strong week previously which continued to […]

Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterling climbs further following UK house price growth

The pound has improved against the euro once more this week, after opening at 1.147 yesterday. It has since climbed to 1.148, showing more positively for the exchange rate following a tricky few months. Last week saw it improve despite negative UK data, and has been helped by a new report revealed the first increase […]