‘Grossly predatory’: Sex professor points ‘MeToo’ finger at God over Virgin Mary

A Minnesota professor has taken aim at Christmas, putting the Bible under the MeToo spotlight by arguing that the virgin birth story shows God as the ultimate sexual predator. Eric Sprankle, a professor of clinical psychology and sexuality studies at Minnesota State University, opened the proverbial can of worms this week, tweeting that “The virgin […]

Trump’s Supreme Court pick once criticized lawmakers for ‘grossly mistreating’ judicial nominees

REUTERS/Carlos Barria Neil Gorsuch, the federal judge President Donald Trump nominated to the US Supreme Court on Tuesday, once criticized lawmakers for “grossly mistreating” judicial nominees. Gorsuch wrote an article in 2002 reflecting on Justice Byron White, a John F. Kennedy appointee who died in April that year after serving for 31 years on the […]

Gold spikes after Trump adviser says Germany is exploiting the EU and US with ‘grossly undervalued’ euro (GLD)

Getty Images/Dario Pignatelli/Bloomberg Gold trades up 0.5% at $ 1,203.31 per ounce on Tuesday following comments from Trump adviser Peter Navarro suggesting Germany is taking advantage of the European Union and the United States by using a “grossly undervalued” euro. The precious metal held onto smalls gains ahead of Navarro’s comments and spiked to its best level […]