How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Good Grief — Plus: Who Nearly Died?

The next time you’re having a terrible day, here’s something to keep in mind: You’ve probably got it better than How to Get Away With Murder‘s Bonnie Winterbottom. In Thursday’s episode of the ABC drama, poor Bonnie was left to grapple with the fact that Miller may have had nothing to do with Nate Sr.’s […]

What about your workers? Amazon’s Bezos gets grief for $2bn fund to help homeless & children

Amazon CEO and world’s richest man Jeff Bezos has invoked Twitter wrath for seemingly an all-around commendable cause – setting up a charity fund to fight homelessness and create a preschool network for the underprivileged. The so-called Day One Fund will be multi-billionaire businessman’s most significant foray into philanthropy to date. The 2$ billion pledged […]

The ‘Disenfranchised Grief’ of Losing Your Job

Editor’s Note: This article is part of Exit Interview, a series of conversations about leaving one’s career. It’s comforting to know people like Meg Spinella, a hospice chaplain, exist. Spinella radiates empathy, even as she jokingly describes herself as “more of a ‘shit happens’” than “an ‘everything happens for a reason’ person.” It certainly felt […]

The Mind’s Eclipse Explores Themes Of Grief And Loss On A Derelict Space Colony

You wake up and everyone on the colony is dead. What happened? How can you escape from there? And… who are you, anyway? This scenario hardly sounds innovative, but science-fiction adventure The Mind’s Eclipse still has a few surprises in store for you. In true adventure gaming fashion, you explore the derelict space station, solve […]

Hollowed Explores Grief Through An Adventure To Bring Back A Loved One

Hollowed follows a young woman, Halia, who’s just lost a loved one, but is determined to bring them back. To do so, she’ll need to traverse some dangerous lands with the help of a spirit aide, players using both of their powers from the same controller to guide them, all while dealing with a story […]

‘The Bachelors’ Review: J.K. Simmons Grapples with Grief [LAFF]

The majority of movies at film festivals don’t release trailers beforehand, so we often choose which films to see based on the filmmakers involved, the cast, and a brief description. Approaching a movie fresh is a hugely different experience than seeing one that’s strategically unveiled three trailers and a barrage of TV spots, and because […]

Sheryl Sandberg explains how she’s coping with her husband’s death, how Mark Zuckerberg has helped her, and why ‘grief leave’ is as important as maternity leave

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Sheryl Sandberg has had a difficult two years. While she has been working as the chief operating officer at Facebook, which recently reported one of its strongest quarters ever, she was dealt a devastating blow. In May 2015, her husband, Dave Goldberg, died suddenly. He and Sandberg were on vacation in Mexico. […]

Isaiah Thomas’s Greatness in Grief

Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas plays through a tragedy—elevating his franchise and a city. This was last year in Boston, before a Celtics game: Tommy Heinsohn, the Hall of Fame Red Auerbach-era player and coach turned broadcaster, uncurled his 6-foot-7 frame at a table in the arena corridor, and began talking about the current […]

Sheryl Sandberg turns grief into action in new book ‘Option B’

REVIEW: Nearly two years ago, Sheryl Sandberg’s life changed significantly when her partner of 11 years and SurveyMonkey chief executive Dave Goldberg died suddenly during a vacation in Mexico. As she grieved, Facebook’s chief operating officer began adapting to a life she and many others never wish for. In a bid to regain some normalcy […]