Liquid-air energy storage: The latest new “battery” on the UK grid

Enlarge / A view of the Pilsworth Liquid Air Energy Storage system (credit: Highview Power) A first-of-its-kind energy-storage system has been added to the grid in the UK. The 5MW / 15MWh system stores energy in an unusual way: it uses excess electricity to cool ambient air down to -196°C (-320°F), where the gases in […]

In February, no fossil fuels-based generation was added to US grid

The Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (credit: Russ Nelson) In the US, two types of electricity generation are on the rise: natural gas and renewables. If one of those is set to make a bigger mark than the other this year, it’s natural gas: in 2018, natural gas-burning capacity is expected to outpace renewable capacity […]

European grid dispute resolved, lost 6 minutes returned to oven clocks

If it’s all moving too fast for you, consider upgrading to an oven or microwave that will allow you to stop time entirely. (credit: James LeVeque) This week, Europe’s electric transmission lobby announced that oven, microwave, and alarm clocks across the continent were no longer six minutes slow. How did they get back the lost […]

The Blockchain Energy Grid Could Reshape Utility Delivery

Article was originally published at CoinCentral. Blockchains make it easier to secure, track, and exchange resources. With BItcoin, that resource is a currency. However, outside of cryptocurrencies, blockchain protocols are poised to disrupt a number of industries where certification and exchange are important. Recently on Coin Central, we’ve covered blockchain art, blockchain agriculture, and blockchain-based businesses. The blockchain […]

One of the most powerful men in motorsports says the grid girl debate is ‘bulls***’ — and he wants more women in Formula 1 racing

Getty Images One of the most powerful figures in motorsports says he has “more important matters in life” than to discuss the grid girl controversy. Grid girls have been driven out of Formula 1 as the sport looks to catch up with modern-day societal norms. But Jean Todt, the president of FIA, says grid girls […]

Microwaves across Europe are 6 minutes slow due to a Serbia-Kosovo grid dispute

Enlarge / Grumpy? Maybe it’s because you’re 6 minutes late to macaroni time. (credit: Getty Images) In a press release on Tuesday, Europe’s electric transmission lobby said that ovens, microwaves, and radios across continental Europe could be running almost six minutes slow due to a power grid dispute between Serbia and neighboring Kosovo. Power-connected clocks […]

Tesla’s latest smart power grid experiment begins in Canada

Tesla’s experiments with smart power grids are headed further North. Canada’s Nova Scotia Power recently finished setting up a pilot project that will use a combination of Tesla’s Powerwall 2 home batteries and utility-grade Powerpack batteries to create a more reliable wind power system. The Elmsdale-based Intelligent Feeder Project fills gaps in the electrical grid […]