The world economy could grow $26 trillion in a decade if governments and businesses focus on climate change

Mike Hutchings/Reuters A new report argues that quicker action on climate change could add more than $ 2 trillion a year to the global economy over the next decade. The report, from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate (GCEC), argues that increasing investments in sustainable technologies would increase economic output globally by $ […]

African governments let too many taxpayers off the hook

A stitch in time TAX collection in Africa resembles an exasperating fishing expedition, in which the big fish wriggle into tax havens and the tiddlers hide in the informal sector. It is made even harder by a self-inflicted problem. Governments give out a range of exemptions, thereby poking holes in their own nets. Consider “tax […]

‘Sovereign’ cryptocurrencies serve governments, not people

GUEST: Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies promise to enable economic, political and social freedom, if implemented properly. But the emergence of “sovereign” cryptocurrencies — backed by governments — contradicts everything that blockchain stands for and hoped to fix. Iran has now decided to develop its own national digital currency in r…Read More

How the Internet of Things will transform consumerism, enterprises, and governments over the next five years

The Internet of Things is fueling the data-based economy and bridging the divide between physical and digital worlds. Consumers, companies, and governments will install more than 40 billion IoT devices worldwide through 2023. The next five years will mark a pivotal transformation in how companies and jurisdictions operate, and how consumers live. Being successful in […]

Brexit news: Leading travel boss slams government’s slow progress in aviation deal

Brexit is looming ahead of the UK, and now a top travel industry figure has chastised the British government for “lack of clarity and progress” in Brexit negations. The chief executive of ABTA, the UK travel trade association for tour operators and travel agents, Mark Tanzer, explained his concerns to a London conference. “A year ago, I set out […]

Salesforce employees are upset over the company’s work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection as Silicon Valley grapples with the government’s use of tech (CRM)

More than 650 Salesforce employees reportedly sent a letter to CEO Marc Benioff criticizing the company’s work with the U.S. Customers and Border Protection agency. The letter said the company’s values were imperiled by working with the border agency, at a time when parents and children of migrants illegally crossing the border are being separated. […]

The government’s top ethics official said Trump’s business deals ‘raise serious concerns’ — but he doesn’t have the authority to investigate

The acting director of the Office of Government Ethics said some of President Donald Trump’s business deals “raise serious concerns,” but the agency doesn’t have the authority to investigate. Congressional Democrats are concerned about an Indonesian real estate development with Trump-brand properties receiving $ 500 million in loans for from the Chinese government. The ethics office’s […]

Global investors like Russia even if Western governments don’t

Defying the latest accusations against Moscow over an ex-spy’s alleged poisoning in the UK, the Russian equity market has been attracting capital from foreign investors, Sberbank Investment Research reveals. According to the analysis, which includes data from Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR), foreign investors allocated total of $ 146 million for the week through March […]