This gory medical case shows why you should never, ever swallow a toothpick

(credit: Michael Galkovsky / Flickr) Toothpicks seem so innocent. Whether staking down juicy sliders on game day or harpooning fruits bobbing in happy-hour cocktails, the mini skewers often spike our festive occasions. But, make no mistake, they have a vicious side. Given the chance, they will mess you up. Of the poor souls who somehow […]

‘Upgrade’ Review: ‘Her’ as a Gory Action Movie – And It’s Terrific [SXSW]

Leigh Whannell’s latest film Upgrade is one of the most strikingly invigorated sci-fi watches I’ve been awestruck by in quite some time. I’m talking *hard* sci-fi, with callbacks to anything from eXistenZ to The Matrix to Minority Report. Whannell customizes an “efficient” future not so far from our own, where self-driving Loop Dash vehicles chauffeur […]

Friday the 13th: Icons of Horror from Freddie Krueger to Jason in all their gory glory

While this news might get paraskevidekatriaphobics (look it up, fact fans) in a spin, the rest of us can use it as an opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit a whole 18 days early. What’s more, with the gruesome and blood-curdling Jigsaw hitting the screens on October 26, we’ll need the extra long spooky […]

Transhuman Design’s Gory 2D Shooter Butcher Blasts Its Way Onto Consoles

A 2D tribute to FPS classics of old sounds like an odd combination at first, and yet Transhuman Design’s Butcher manages to pull it off admirably. There’s a certain purity to the game’s dirt-colored palette and its no-frills gunfights that might very well resonate with players yearning for more Doom and Quake. Released to the […]

This gory subreddit shows just how brutal nature is — and I love it

fThe first time I heard of Nature is Brutal, it was in the context of cat necrophilia. See, I had friends over to grill sausages in the backyard, and the conversation turned to feral cats. My yard has a pretty stable community of feral cats that, during the day, cuddle up cutely in chairs. At […]

The Gory Details 👨‍⚖️

View this image › U.S. Supreme Court nominee judge Neil Gorsuch testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. Jonathan Ernst / Reuters WASHINGTON — At 10 a.m. next Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee is slated to consider the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the vacancy on the US Supreme Court. By the end […]

Alien Covenant GORY new trailer: Will ANYBODY survive? Watch here

The latest clip starts off calmly enough, with the cast of characters landing in what they assume to be paradise, but quickly turns very, very dark indeed. It was supposed to drop today (Wednesday) but was rushed out overnight following a HD leak, reports claim. It follows a five-minute prologue scene that was teased online […]

Casualty fans accuse show of HUGE blunder after gory injury leaves them seriously baffled

The injury happened when the woman, named Daisy (played by Lauren Crace) was at her Robin Hood-themed hen party and was accidentally shot by her maid-of-honour. Daisy was admitted to Holby City’s Accident and Emergency Department, where in rather gruesome scenes, doctors pulled the arrow out. However, later on when she was discharged from the […]