GoPro has now sold more than 30 million Hero action cams

GoPro has been dealing with significant business challenges in recent months, but the camera maker has managed to keep its chin above water. The company today revealed it has surpassed 30 million sales of its Hero action video camera since the first HD model came out nine years ago. Its Hero5 Black model — an […]

Hot Wheels’ GoPro toy car captures sweet shots of your lil’ stunts

How much do you love Hot Wheels? So much that you spend your days wishing you could ride that loop-the-loop yourself? Probably not, but Mattel has your back regardless. It just trotted out a Hot Wheels Zoom In car with a slot designed to accommodate one of GoPro’s Hero5 and Session action cameras — yes, […]

GoPro is cutting over 250 jobs and reducing its CEO’s cash compensation to $1 (GPRO)

REUTERS/Mike Segar GoPro announced on Monday that it was cutting more than 250 jobs, and lowered its forecast for fourth-quarter revenues.  In its preliminary fourth-quarter results, the action-camera maker said it was reducing its global workforce to fewer than 1,000 people. Demand for the Hero5 model was soft during the holiday season, GoPro CEO said […]

DIY space exploration: Family launches GoPro into stratosphere, captures amazing footage (VIDEO)

Published time: 30 Sep, 2017 16:42 Edited time: 30 Sep, 2017 16:43 A Denver family has taken on NASA and launched a GoPro into the stratosphere, capturing the Earth in all its glory in an amazing video. The Photos family launched their camera from Denver, Colorado, using a weather balloon, then patiently waited for it […]

Why Apple should buy GoPro

Thomson Reuters One of the best arguments against GoPro’s cameras for the past few years has been the fact that most people have products like an Apple iPhone in their pocket at all times. So why buy a stand-alone camera if you already have a camera on you? This past week’s Apple product announcement, however, […]