How startups are building driverless cars without Google’s billions

Enlarge / Voyage operates low-speed self-driving taxis in two retirement communities. (credit: Voyage) There’s near-universal agreement that Google spinoff Waymo is the leading company in the driverless-vehicle business. And Waymo’s strategy for developing fully driverless cars is very expensive. Before launching a commercial driverless car service, Waymo needs to convince itself—and the world—that its cars will […]

Google’s latest VR Spotlight story watches you

Google’s latest interactive Spotlight Story has an unusual twist… namely, it’s watching you. The Piggy VR experience uses six-degrees-of-freedom movement tracking to have a pig respond to your gaze as its namesake character is tempted by a cake. Stare at Piggy and the porcine protagonist will look back with annoyance, guilt or surprise while trying […]

Google’s military AI drone program may be more lucrative than it said

Google’s Project Maven program for AI-based military drone image recognition program could net the company up to $ 250 million per year, according to internal memos seen by The Intercept. That’s a lot more than the $ 9 million Google reportedly told employees the contract was worth. What’s more, the program may be tied to […]

Google’s AR drawing app lets Android and iOS users collab on doodles

You no longer need an Android phone to try Google’s take on augmented reality drawing. The tech giant has released an iOS version of Just a Line that brings the same three-dimensional doodling to the iPhone crowd. It’s largely the same app you saw in March, but there’s a clever cross-platform twist: you can “partner” […]

Google’s 7 YouTube apps and what they do

ANALYSIS: In case you missed it, YouTube is launching a new music-streaming service next week called YouTube Music. It’s actually not entirely new, because YouTube already has an app called YouTube Music in a handful of markets. But the Google-owned company is now getting serious about the service. The revamped YouTube Music will sport a bunc…Read More

How Google’s ‘Material Theming’ will change your Android experience

This week, Google announced a new set of tools called Material Theming that helps developers implement the Material theme across apps, including mobile and web. App-makers can choose from a variety of components and design transitions and Google even uses AI to make everything look coherent. Like the WYSIWYG HTML editors of yore, Material Theming […]

Google’s Clips camera can be shared with your whole family

Until now, Google’s Clips camera has only been usable by one person. That’s something of a problem for families — what if your partner wants the AI-guided cam to capture a special moment when you’re away? Google is about to fix that. It’s rolling out an update this week that introduces family pairing, letting you […]