There’s no longer an excuse for late Android updates: If this tiny smartphone company can support Android P on the same day as Google, so can everyone else

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider The Essential Phone is the only Android phone in recent memory that has received Google’s latest version of Android at the same time as Google’s own Pixel devices.  It shows that there’s no longer any excuse for Android phones getting Android updates several months after they’re released.  Usually, third-party phones that aren’t […]

Google may bring Windows 10 support to multiple Chromebooks

You might not have to splurge on a Pixelbook if you’re pining after a Chromebook with Windows 10 support. XDA-Developers has learned through source code that Campfire, the feature that would let Chrome OS dual-boot Windows 10, would be available in multiple “variants” — that is, on more than one Chrome OS device. This wouldn’t […]

Google Chrome gets a brand new update that will please Windows 10 users

Google Chrome is the tech giant’s solution to navigating the internet. It is widely considered to be the most popular browser around. Google regularly updates Chrome with new and subtle changes that drastically improve user experiences. The company’s latest tweak brings native notification support for Windows 10 users. This means when people using Microsoft’s operating […]

Google Maps Street View: Angry fight caught by cameras in Australia

Google Maps Street View revealed a vicious fight between two people while driving through Australia. Spotted on a grass patch, one of them was standing on the other, with his foot on the back of his neck. The person on top was topless with his hand on his hip, looking triumphant. The other was on […]

ANDROID WARNING: Over a HUNDRED apps on Google Play Store FILLED with malware

Android fans are being warned after almost 150 apps on the Google Play Store were found to be loaded with malware. The majority of the infected apps were released on the Google Play Store between October and November 2017. So the nefarious Android apps have been on the Google Play Store for more than half […]

Fortnite Android: Will Fortnite be in the Google Playstore? How to download Fortnite

Android players have had to wait longer than expected for Epic Games to release Fortnite on their phones. The most popular game on the market has been available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and iOS for at least three months now, but fans are yet to see the game on Android.  Epic Games has previously said […]