Shock horror! Trump congratulates Putin on election victory and media goes nuts

All hell broke loose in Washington DC on Tuesday when President Donald Trump confirmed that he had congratulated Russian president Vladimir Putin on his recent election victory. Journalists and Trump critics flooded Twitter with sarcastic remarks, registering their disgust at the news, using the benign remarks as more evidence of his alleged (by some) collusion […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds goes live on mobile in regions worldwide

Chinese publisher Tencent has launched one of the biggest PC games in the world on iOS and Android devices around the world. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play market in most major regions. The free version of the last-player-standing shooter replicates the action and the first map from […]

What goes on inside the secretive, semi-official talks between the North Korea, the US, and South Korea

JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images North Korea will hold “track 1.5 talks” with the US and South Korea this week in Finland to discuss a US-North Korea summit and an inter-Korea summit. There are three types of talks between countries. Track 1 is official, track 1.5 is unofficial and involves government staff as well as external experts, […]

US College Student Goes Missing in Bermuda

US College Student Goes Missing in Bermuda Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not include all […]

We flew Virgin America one final time before it goes away forever — here’s what it was like (ALK)

Handout/Getty Images Virgin America has been one of the best airlines in the US since its launch in 2007. In 2016, Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America for $ 2.6 billion. Virgin America will merge into Alaska Airlines in April. Business Insider took a roundtrip flight between Newark Liberty International and San Francisco to experience Virgin […]

‘Isle of Dogs’ Featurette: See The Work That Goes Into Creating These Very Good Dogs

Wes Anderson‘s stop-motion Isle of Dogs wasn’t easy to make. A whole team of animators worked obsessively to bring the detailed, animated world of the film to life. A new Isle of Dogs featurette takes you behind the scenes of Anderson’s latest, and shows the meticulous work that went into creating these very good dogs. I would […]

Mary Magdalene: Why has she been so maligned? New film goes back to origins

NC Known as a prostitute throughout history, what is the true story of Mary Magdalene? Yet where her namesake is held up as the ideal of virginal perfection as the mother of Christ, Mary Magdalene has become known as a prostitute, a lust object and even as the hidden wife of Jesus. But now a […]

‘Highly likely’ motto: West goes on offensive against Russia for Skripal poisoning

While the probe into the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal is still ongoing and no tangible results have been presented, the West seems desperate to put all the blame on Russia. And the arguments have become increasingly notable. It all started when the British Prime Minister Theresa May said that it was “highly likely that […]

This is where fat goes when you lose weight, according to scientists — and research suggests doctors and dietitians have got it all wrong

Jacob Lund / Shutterstock Australian scientists conducted a study to find out where fat goes when you lose weight. As part of their research they asked 150 health professionals for their theories as to how it disappears, and most answered incorrectly. They say it doesn’t get converted into energy or muscle, and explained their theory in […]

VOTD: ‘Ready Player One’ Music Video Goes on a Nostalgic 16-Bit Easter Egg Hunt

There are less than three weeks until Ready Player One brings Ernest Cline‘s nostalgic pop culture mash-up to the big screen, courtesy of director Steven Spielberg. The movie had its world premiere at the South by Southwest film festival last night, and for all the fans of the book who can’t wait to see the […]