Heraclos Stars A Reluctant Hero Bestowed Godly Powers

Imagine just minding your business and noticing something strange on the ground – nothing out of the ordinary, but just a piece of pottery. Boom. Quest. A quest you can’t deny since it comes from the Gods themselves, to boot. It’s this situation that Heraclos needs your help with, dealing with some tricky 3D platforming […]

Behold Posters of the Gods (and a Couple of Humans) of ‘American Gods’ Being Godly (and Ungodly!)

Bryan Fuller’s American Gods will be released next month — and various trailers, as well as images of Gillian Anderson as a chameleonic God of television named Media who’s sometimes Lucy Ricardo and sometimes David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, etc. etc. — have been building anticipation for what looks to be a completely wild experience. (And, you […]