Yoga and meditation could give you an ego boost, a new study suggests

Zephyr_p / Shutterstock A new study suggests yoga and meditation could increase your “self-enhancement.” This may contradict Buddhist teachings that suggest you should let go of your sense of self and your ego. But it may be a case of yoga and meditation evolving to mean something different for the people who practise it. One […]

Let’s hope Trump didn’t give Kim Jong Un the wrong ‘direct number’

President Trump’s historic meeting with Kim Jong-Un may not have resulted in the complete de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, but it did lead to a fascinating exchange in which the President claims to have given Kim a “very direct number” if the North Korean leader “has any difficulty.” Wired raises an interesting point about the […]

‘It felt like a final’: Press, players give Ronaldo respect after World Cup hat-trick

A very high bar has been set for the best game of the Russia 2018 World Cup, as Portugal and Spain battled to a thrilling six-goal epic battle in their Group B opener in Sochi, and Twitter has reacted appropriately. Cometh the hour, cometh the man; Cristiano Ronaldo put his issues with the Spanish financial […]

Meghan Markle: Why Duchess of Sussex has to give up her favourite food for Prince Harry

Meghan Markle, 36, became a fully-fledged member of the royal family when she married Prince Harry, 33, on May 19 2018. While she has gained a royal title as the Duchess of Sussex, she has also had to adhere to some strict protocol regarding her etiquette and royal fashion rules, such as wearing tights at […]

Proposed law would give DHS power to seize and destroy drones

The Senate is currently considering a bill that would give the Department of Homeland Security more power to research, surveil, seize and destroy drones flying in the US, Gizmodo reports. Yesterday during a hearing, DHS officials expressed support for the bipartisan legislation, saying current laws prevent the agency from effectively mitigating the potential threats presented […]

EA’s Play to Give charity campaign is in full swing

Today marks the beginning of Electronic Arts’s third annual Play to Give campaign. In addition to donating $ 1 million to three charities, the developer is running in-game events in several of its games to raise awareness and give players rewards for cooperative play. The campaign will run until 11:59 p.m. Pacific on June 3. […]

‘I’d give it a D’: English teacher picks apart White House letter for 'bad grammar'

After receiving a letter signed by US President Donald Trump, a retired English teacher checked its grammar and posted her corrections online, earning both praise as “a hero” and scorn for being “sanctimonious and self-serving.” Yvonne Mason, an English teacher of 17 years who retired last year, has landed in the spotlight after she posted […]