“Scary” reality: Meds tainted with germs, glass, carcinogens, mystery particles

Enlarge / What else is in there? (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) An investigation by Kaiser Health News into thousands of recent drug recalls reveals a frightening record of medicines in the US being tainted with dangerous bacteria, mold, glass shards, rubber bits, cancer-causing chemicals, mysterious powders, and worrying metal particles. There were also cases of medications […]

Should your home carry a health warning? Household items that contain the most germs

Plastic ducks may look appealing but after the bathwater has been emptied and the children are tucked up in bed they are still hard at work – incubating generations of germs. Disturbingly, scientists have discovered that the inside of some bath toys are contaminated with up to 9.5 million bugs per square centimetre, putting children […]

Train travel: This weird trick could stop you catching germs on a train

Train travel can be inevitable during the busy Christmas period, when rushing off to see friends and family elsewhere in the country. However, it also poses a much greater risk of getting sick with a cold or flu when around ill passengers, says an expert. “This is a key time for the onward transmission of […]

You will NEVER guess the WORST place for germs in your house (it's not the toilet!)

All are among a list naming the eight ‘germiest’ hotspots in a typical household alongside towels, sponges and other everyday items. Toilets, kitchen worktops and other notorious bacteria breeding grounds regularly get blitzed during household chores but it is the less obvious places that require more attention, revealed the report. The list was compiled by […]

IllumiBowl’s latest toilet light also kills germs

IllumiBowl’s motion-activated, multi-color toilet night light may have seemed like a silly idea when it first launched, but don’t laugh — it’s a practical solution if you’d rather not flick on the regular bathroom light (and momentarily blind yourself) just to do your business. And it appears that enough people bought into the concept to […]

Kill germs and the darkness with the updated IllumiBowl toilet light

After the lights go out and it’s time for bed, there is nothing worse than having to use the bathroom lights again. Rather than blindly looking for the toilet, IllumiBowl created the very first toilet bowl night light back in 2014. Now, three years later, the company has improved on its design to create the […]