This stylish, funny game about gentrification just won Apple’s iPhone game of the year award (AAPL)

Ben Esposito “Donut County” was just awarded the distinction of iPhone game of the year by Apple itself. The game, which costs $ 5, casts you as the pilot of a hole in the ground, with a mission to swallow up anything and everything. The game is silly, and fun to play, but it has […]

The Gentrification of the Taco

My tongue tap-dances across my palate while I wait. A slight bounce back and forth rocks me closer to the finish line. I close my eyes and imagine the taste of victory: chopped smoked pork with a spicy jalapeño coleslaw and tequila BBQ sauce. The cashier calls, “Next!” Cue Europe’s “The Final Countdown.” “That’ll be […]

A startup aims to stop gentrification, with help from the tech industry

At Ars Technica Live, Catherine Bracy talked about her nonprofit startup TechEquity, and how the tech industry can mitigate the housing crisis. (video link) If the headline on this article made your eyes burn with fire, and your fingers twitch to comment without reading further, then you’re in the majority. The relationship between Silicon Valley’s […]