Cruise secrets: Royal Caribbean Genies took serious action to swerve health danger – how?

Royal Caribbean’s loyal team of on-board Royal Genies, quite literally, make dreams come true. Whether that’s one-of-a-kind adventures, a tailor-made spa experience or an on-shore adventure to remember forever, the magical crew bend over backwards to ensure even the biggest wish is granted. Yet the oldest, most experienced Genie for the cruise line has let […]

Life gets better for Genie’s date

Video Image Bouchard makes good on bet0:40 Tennis: Eugenie Bouchard has come through on her bet to take a random tweeter out on a date after the Falcons lost the Super Bowl. February 16th 2017 19 hours ago /video/ True love? Picture: Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter […]