Legends of Tomorrow: Terry Chen to Play 1990s-Roaming Genghis Khan in Caity Lotz’s Directing Debut

Genre-TV vet Terry Chen will engage in some “Mortal Khanbat” via a plum guest-starring role on The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. TVLine has learned exclusively that the alum of such series as Continuum, The Expanse and Jessica Jones will play the infamous Genghis Khan in the fifth episode of Season 5, which is currently […]

Meet Tamerlane, the Other Genghis Khan

Imagine thousands of armed, scowling horsemen galloping furiously across the barren steppe — or toward your hopelessly under-defended city. If you were anywhere in Inner Asia or Europe’s eastern fringes during the 14th century, it was a frighteningly familiar sight, one likely followed by either subjugation or unimaginable slaughter. Sounds like Genghis Khan is coming, […]