Gasp! Rachel Maddow reveals shocking fact that North Korea has a border with Russia

Regular MSNBC viewers will be familiar with Rachel Maddow and her affinity for Russiagate speculation; but the conspiracy-happy host has finally gone off the deep end with her coverage of the Singapore nuclear summit this week. On Tuesday’s episode of her show, Maddow launched an 18-minute long attempt to prove that the person who benefited […]

Last gasp Victory crush City

Video Last gasp Victory crush City2:13 A-League: The Derby did not let Melbourne fans down, with an epic end to end match finishing wih a last minute penalty. December 23rd 2017 5 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/Football/ Football Victory press conference12:01 December 24th 2017 4 hours ago /display/ news and galleries/Football/ Berisha gets punted […]

Hallmark's Andrew Walker Finds the Christmas Spirit on — Gasp! — Lifetime

Any self-respecting fan of the Hallmark Channel’s many romance movies should be familiar with actor Andrew Walker. Perhaps you saw him woo a movie starlet in Date With Love. Or maybe he warmed your heart in Love on Ice. Or you were swept away by him in Bridal Wave. Or you watched him find A Bride […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Did That Very Final Scene Make You Gasp?

This week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Quake, “Destroyer of Worlds,” was readied for the auction block — but there was no predicting who would be among the prospective buyers. RELATEDWhen Will Your Favorite Shows Return From the Holidays? Kasius was practically giddy (or, you know, as giddy as he can be) after Deke delivered to […]

17 Facts About Childbirth Throughout History That'll Make You Gasp And Cringe

“During the first stages, pressure is made with the fingers on the terminal filaments of the sympathetic nerves in and around the clitoris,” Louis A. Spaeth wrote in Coming Motherhood in 1907. “The index and middle fingers are placed, one on each side of this organ, and firm, moderately hard pressure is made against the […]

Live: Last gasp lap seals pole for McLaughlin

Video Image Stubbs update on the action2:18 Motorsport: Chris Stubbs has an update ahead of today’s action at winton Raceway, and he got the help of Will Davison and Shane Van Gisbergen along the way. May 20th 2017 3 hours ago /video/ Sport/ Rick Kelly. Winton SuperSprint. Pic: Mark Horsburgh Will DaleFOX SPORTS Share Share […]